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Steamy glamour
Hi everyone! So I am very happy to be writing on here! I just got back from Las Vegas where I did a shoot for Strip LV Magazine. I am super excited as I feel that the images will turn out brilliant. I had a great day, and was allowed to drink a couple of glasses of wine on set. It always puts me in the mood :). Yes, I am one of those girls who feels super sexy if I have a drink. I will let you know when the magazine comes out. I am posting a few images from my latest update to my site . I got really playful with myself during this set. I touched myself quite a bit, and the you can hear me moaning in the video. I just recently brought this in to my members area, where before I posted them as zip sets. I am definitely a very naughty girl, especially since I first started with Playboy. Feel free to come check out my site, and I look forward to posting here quite often!


Sabrina Rose

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