Reality Kings 10 minute videos

RealityKings is just awesome and here is some more proof of it. They have weekly new free 10 minute videos for you!!! Click on your favorite niche and enjoy!

Reality Kings 10 minute videos

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11 Responses to “Reality Kings 10 minute videos”

  1. Charles Ammons Says:

    WOW!!! This is THE best site I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen a lot.
    Not too many sites are able to make me cum in my pants but this one
    did. Thanx

  2. Charles Ammons Says:

    WOW!!! I’ve saw a lot of vids, but these had me cumming in my shorts
    constantly. Thanx

  3. Charles Ammons Says:

    Wow!!! These vids are the greatest! Please continue to provide them.
    I’ve never had such a hard-on from vids in my life.

  4. Christoph Says:

    Not to shaby

  5. jimmy Says:

    ugh they knocked it down to five minutes 🙁

  6. Christoph Says:

    yah thats lame

  7. annoyed Says:

    they dont even update them now. a great idea that got fucked up.

  8. garth Says:

    i want to be a porn star 🙂

  9. lilmar Says:

    change the dam videos me and my friends tired watching the same videos over again. change them every wednesday that is weekly three weeks until changeing is not weekly we are tired of watching the same thing we are about to stop watching realitykings and when I say friends i mean about 10-20 people make a change

  10. lilmar Says:

    change the videos

  11. lilmar Says:

    ur 2 lazy 2 change them u had the same for 2 months change it

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