2 Chicks 1 Dick review (Rated 7.5)

2 Chicks 1 DickI wasn’t quite sure what to expect from a site like this but what I found certainly impressed because all the promises made on the tour certainly seem to be kept in the members’ area. And I know that you/re really going to enjoy all the uncensored hardcore action as a bunch of guys compete to see which one can have sex with two chicks most often each month. That means that members get to see a lot of one guy/two girl action and my first impression is that you’re going to find the standard of content here to be better than most sites out there on the Net.

Well after going beyond my initial impression and spending some time wandering around in this site I have to say that I am almost as impressed now as I was to begin with. This is definitely a site that could set a new standard for adult sites on the Net today.

All updates are easily found on the members’ homepage but the first thing you will notice is that the number of updates is limited. However you must realize that this is a new site and even though updates are added every week there are still only 28 episodes in the site. But the quality of those updates is very good and there are plenty of bonus sites to give you a huge amount of exclusive content to look at and enjoy.

Each update consists of pictures and video and the link from the members’ homepage to each update is easy to follow. The images – and there are plenty of them in every update – are presented in clearly thumbnailed galleries. Members can choose to either return to the galleries before moving on to the next big picture or they can move directly from one big picture to the next. The big pictures really are big and most are around 800 pixels on the longest side. Even though they are big the file size is quite reasonable and so download time for people on a dial up connection won’t be too bad.

The video is a slightly different matter. There certainly is plenty of video but there is no way that a member can download an entire video as one unit. Instead members can choose between downloading or streaming clips that are one minute long or clips that are around 5 minutes in length. Each clip comes in two file sizes to cater for fast and slow Internet connections but regardless of which file size you choose or whether you stream or download you are going to be spending time waiting. There are buffering delays when you stream and downloading takes time.

That’s a pity really because the quality of the content is exceptional. The still images are crystal-clear and the action that the show is raw and real. The technical qualities of the video are outstanding with great lighting, wonderful camera angles and sound that you don’t have to strain to hear.

Members area screenshots
2 Chicks 1 Dick members area preview 2 Chicks 1 Dick members area preview 2 Chicks 1 Dick members area preview

Conclusion about 2 Chicks 1 Dick
I said earlier that this site could set a standard for adult sites on the Net today but it doesn’t because of those problems with the video. However, it is still worth joining because of the exclusive content and the action that’s raw and real plus the great bonus sites that are also offered

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