Exclusive interview with Sophie Dee

What led you into the porn business?
I’ve always been a very sexual person since I was in high school and I love attention, so I figured porn would be perfect for me.

Did you do anything else before you entered the world of porn?
Yes, before I got into porn I had dozens of regular jobs. I was a waitress, a hairdresser, sold products door to door, and lots more, but I get bored easily and so most of them only lasted a few days or weeks. Then I started modeling and working at a strip club, and worked on a live tv show called Babecast and became a topless model in a UK newspaper called The Daily Sport. I found out that I didn’t get bored working in porn, so I stuck with it.

Would you like to rewind your life and start it again in a different way?
The only thing I would change is I would have started porn at an even earlier age than I did. I thought about it for quite a while because I was scared and waited instead of jumping into it.

With so many players in the adult market, what separates your site from the rest of the pack?
I’m very involved in my site. My fans are always surprised that I respond so quickly to all their questions and suggestions in my forum and email. I’ve been told by many fans that it’s the best official pornstars site they’ve seen. Believe it or not, one of the most popular sections of my site is my diary, which I update a couple times a week, with lots of stories about everything going on in my life. My fans get to see the real me and a behind the scenes look at everything in my real life.

What DVDs that are already out and on the market are the best examples of your best work?
Some of my favorites are: Squirting Sophie Gaping Gwen, Psycho Cheerleaders, Squirt Machines, Milk Nymphos.

Who is your favorite male/female pornstar?
My favorite female to work with is Holly Wellin cause she’s a fun girl and she’s easy to work with and we get along well. I don’t really have a favorite male.

Did you ever fall in love in a male “pornstar” during a scene with him? If yes, who was it?

How often do you “take time out to yourself” and is it something you do instead of sex or in addition to sex?
I take time out to myself all the time when I’m not working. Things I like to do for fun are: go to movies, go shopping, go to parties, play poker, go in the swimming pool.

What is your favorite sexual act?
I like a lot of stuff, but my favorite is giving a blowjob, I like to give the guy pleasure.

What is your least favorite sexual act?
Probably having my pussy licked, I’m just not into it.

What turns you on, sexually?
Mainly having confidence and for the person to know what they are doing.

What turns you off, sexually?
I don’t like arrogant and rude people.

What is the strangest thing you have ever been asked to perform sexually?  Did you do it?
Probably double vag or double anal. I’m not able to do it because I’m just too small, one in each hole is enough for me.

How many men were you with before you entered the business?
Hmm I think about 8 or so.

What is the most amount of men you’ve had sex with in one day in your personal life?
Just one.

What is the most amount of men you’ve had sex with in one day in your professional life?
Around 6.

What is that number up to now?
Oh wow I lost count after my first year working in porn, too many. lol

Does penis size matter to you?
Kinda, I just don’t like really small ones.

Do you ever find yourself thinking of people pleasing themselves to your image?
Yes I do sometimes and I like it. It’s nice to know guys appreciate watching my work.

What do you think is wrong with most of the people (overall)?
I don’t really have an opinion, I think most people are ok if they’re being themselves.

If you noticed that someones zipper was down, would you tell them?
Yes I would.

Are you single or involved in a steady relationship?
I’m involved with someone in the industry, so we both fuck other people, so its an open relationship.

Who’s the most famous person you had sex with?
Not anyone outside the industry. The most famous pornstars I’ve been with are Belladonna, Mr Marcus, Lex Steele, Sean Michaels.

Do you consider yourself a good girl or a bad girl?
I’ll admit I’m a pretty bad girl, as anyone who’s seen my movies can tell.

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  1. Trev Says:

    Awesome interview, I appreciate Sophie taking time to share her life with us here at Freeones.com I wish you all the best and much success in your work and journey.

  2. Phillip Marques Says:

    I simply love Shopie Dee! this princess face leaves me crazy!

  3. Jonathan Says:

    Sophie is one of the best, I just can get enough of this girl.

  4. Sophie Dee Says:

    Thanks guys! i’m glad u liked my interview! i hope u keep enjoying my work!
    i love freeones!
    xoxo sophie

  5. TOTAL ALIEN Says:

    Sophie is amazing !!!

  6. james Says:

    i love sophie dee! i love how she takes time to tell us about her life personally and profesionally. sophie dee best of wishes, and succes on your life.

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  8. Carlos F Says:

    Hi Sophie! I read your interview twice. In fact you’re a really good girl cause everything in you is pure, honest and true. But your beautiful eyes already told me that! I wish you all the best and when you’re not in industry anymore, marry some lucky guy and have lots of babies, ok?

  9. badman Says:

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