New Week, New Month

Hi everyone,

I’ve actually never really been too much of the writing type, but I am starting to enjoy writing little tidbits about myself, I just hope you don’t hold any grammar mistakes against me:) Speaking of writing little tidbits about myself, I might be behind the curve here, but I just discovered Twitter, and find it quite exciting to share my daily activities with the rest of the world. If you’d like, check out my Twitter page here, my username there is TatyanaNude.

So, I actually took time off this weekend, something I only do about once a month. Saturday was a dinner and the movies day, and Sunday I shot a new hot little video. I guess that can be considered work, but it is usually so much fun, I don’t think of it as work. Plus I was so horny yesterday, it really felt good to let loose on the set. The new video is St. Patrick’s day themed, I even have naughty little green Irish girl braids:) This will be the new feature video for March on David-Nudes, make sure to check it out on St. Patrick’s Day!

David-Nudes InnaA new month means a new girl on David-Nudes, March has been reserved for the cute 18 year old Inna. I’ve posted a pic of her here for you to check out. With her new photo set we’ve released our exclusive video interview with Inna, and one of her nude videos with more coming throughout the month. Also, those of you who are not new to David-Nudes have probably noticed that our tour is completely new and different. Sample photos are much larger, there is a new video tour, as well as a tour of the member area so that you know exactly what you are getting. It’s been a pretty big hit so far, so I hope you like it.

Well, happy March everyone! Talk to you later…

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