Dancing Bear – Real Girls with Male Strippers!

Meet the Dancing Bear who is really a male stripper and for over 5 years has been stripping at bachelorette parties, girl’s birthdays, girl’s graduation parties, going away parties. Hell, we have even been called in to parties where the girls are just a bunch of horny little sluts who wanted to see some cock and man ass (seriously!!).

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One thing that kept happening was we noticed that at the parties many girls would take pics with their phones and some even brought video-recorders. So we got an idea. WE started to film the parties as a service to the girls. Basically, we film it, and make a fun little ‘party’ video for the girls to remember their night. Of course since we filmed it, it’s our film…nice huh??!! Then We discoverd that stripping for girls is this huge niche on the internet called “CFNM” which basically means ‘clothed females and nude males’  If you have never seen real bachelorette parties, girl’s birthdays, etc…then you are quite simply not going to believe what you see. But this is the sad truth. Girls go absolutely nuts.

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  1. Jack /WPB Deja Vu 1994 Says:

    I use to work at WPB Dejavu in the 90’s. I’ve been told the Dancing Bears is a S. Florida enterprize. I can’t believe a strip club would risk its 5 AM. liquor license. So what gives?

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