Meet Me For My Birthday

I’m leaving Toronto in few hours after last night jizz party with my homeland fans. Althought my stay was really short and i’m still jet-lagged, it has been real fun in the last 48 hours and i’m looking forward to the incoming dates (don’t forget to check them at if you would like to participate: it’s free and easy).

But the real reason for this post is that i’m arranging something special for my fans for my approaching birthday (Septemebr 11th), which as usual i want to spend with some of you. A few lucky members of my site will get a direct invitation, but also my Twitter and MySpace friends will get a chance to hit the night with me on September 11th. If you haven’t yet, join me on

Myspace at

and on Twitter at

Heading to the airport, now, and i’m fcuking scared of flying, damn me! Lots of smoochies until next time!


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