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In The CrackHardcore videos in HD format is what we are about to find in the members area of In The…from what I can see by checking out the free area, you have several goodies and they give us an idea of what we are going to find there, I have the impression that this is a general site if you know what I mean and we are just a few clicks away from the members area! Let’s see what they have for us!

I was looking for the usual link for going in the members area of this website but I didn’t find that page, in fact I had to check out in the tour where they had the login link and it was located in the upper right corner of the page – then when you type in your user and pass as usual, you will enter the page and the system welcomes you as well and you have to click a link in blue that reads “now lets explore some cracks! – then within a few seconds you will be inside the main page.

The first page is quite small, at the top you will see a menu where you have the following links: models, what’s new, search, faq, contact us and links and then you have lots of links for going to all the pages that contain the older updates and I can see that they are way many. On the main page that I have in front of me I have 8 hot chicks and I believe that they feature the most recent updates.

I clicked one hottie from those on the main page and in the next page that opens you have a mini profile for her, where you have info such as her name, nationality, age and so on, then they have made a sort of theme image by using the photos that they have featured in the set with the chick, so for each different girl you will see a different theme image, then you have the link for going in the very photo gallery, and finally in the lower half of the page you have the links for the video clips.

I clicked the gallery with the hot Sophia Santi, by the way she was brunette, my favorites like everybody knows, right? then in the page with the photo gal you can choose how many thumbs you want per page and a bunch of other interesting options and they have also the .zip files available in high and low res for all sets. Speaking about the video clips finally, you have a sample and 3 screen resolutions available, low, mid and high (HD).

Members area screenshots
In The Crack members area preview In The Crack members area preview In The Crack members area preview

Conclusion about In The Crack
In The Crack takes you to a very big collection of girls, and I was happy to find out that the quality of the material was very high as well – since sometimes (not ALL the time!) when you have lots of stuff available, the quality is not necessarily good but that was not the case of this website hopefully! I was pleased to find HD videos and my only little remark was for the download speed in fact I couldn’t get more than 200 k/sec.

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