Double Anal Zone review (Rated 7.5)

Double Anal ZoneIf you are thinking that Double anal sex is hard to do and hurts, how about doing it some double anal? That is what we are going to see here on Double Anal today. On the main page of the tour you have a preview of the action that is going to take place inside, this is a pretty extreme website so keep that on your mind before reading the full review. Ok guys, I warned ya, let’s read.

At first I could not find the login for the members area of Double Anal Zone but then if you look at the top of the tour you are going to find it, near those images that are rolling on the screen. After you input your logins, the main page will load and at the top I can see that they have a link for castings, in fact they have some new girls that are trying to make it big in the website. At the very top of the page you have the future movie and the hot brunette chick Amber features it, then you have the list of the other updates they have done so far.

For every update you have a few preview images that show you what’s going on and then you have the links for the content, we have .wmv large/small, photos, and then there is a link that reads “21 videos” and that one opens up a pop up window where you find the streaming video clips and they are in fact 21 pieces for every scene. Why 21? I have no idea.

By checking out the main page of this website I can see that they only have 3 girls per page and when it comes to the full list of pages, you have a total of 4 pages with the naughty girls. I have tested the download speed and it was excellent in fact I had about 920 k/sec with my connection that is about the max I can do; as for the photos, they open in a new page and they have a pretty good quality however one thing that I didn’t like was the fact that all the pictures have a very big watermark on the diagonal of every picture, so it completely covers each picture.

I think that it’s ok to watermark the photos but not with something as big as that yet I could not find the .zip download option for the photo galleries. The double anal scenes that you have in the members area of this website are quite extreme and watching all that meat enter those tight assholes (not so tight anymore) was very intense.

Members area screenshots
Double Anal Zone members area preview Double Anal Zone members area preview Double Anal Zone members area preview

Conclusion about Double Anal Zone
You know, they say that women can suffer lots more than men, in every aspect of life and with this website you can clearly see an example of that, in fact 2 cocks in a tight hole are hard to do! But these girls from don’t have any problem in doing that….they have done a good job when it comes to the videos, available in several different resolutions, fast downloads, though I didn’t like the big watermarks on the photos.

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