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YappoI have to be honest…I picked this site because I liked the domain name “Yappo” and because on the main page of the site they have many different images for all the biggest studios…I suggest you to take a look at the main page of the tour where you have a big list of stars and new movies that they recently added to the members area, they really look great if you ask me, so let’s see what’s inside!

The main page of this site Yappo.com is packed with lots of goodies and with a site like this sometimes it’s a bit hard to find what you want but don’t be afraid, it will just take you some extra time to look around, let’s see….at the left of the screen there is your ‘personal’ area where you have preferences, download history, you can buy extra time, so check that side when it comes to your personal info and stuff like that.

Still at the left of the screen there is a search feature and then you have the other packages, help menu, downloads and so on…at the center of the screen instead you have the Featured Movies Of The Week and at the right there is another column where you have the Most Popular DVDs – finally at the center of the page you have Home, Preferences, My Favorites, Buy Time, Help and Log Out.

I have checked some of the most popular Yappo DVDs and you really have good ones there, I checked out Pov Fantasy and when you enter the main page of the video you will see that you have info about the movie, the performers, and studio as well, mixed with a description of what’s going on as well. Finally you have the links for enjoying the video and you can either play the movie in streaming or you can eventually download the video on your hard disk BUT you will need to spend additional money in fact 7 days cost you $7.95 and 30 days cost you $14.95 yet keep in mind that this site HAS DRM protection which means that every time you want to watch a movie (also the ones you downloaded), you will need to have a valid subscription to the site, and this is of course made for protection so that their clips don’t get spread around but as a customer, I find this VERY annoying.

Ok, after saying this, let’s focus on the content, the videos have a very good quality and especially the HD videos, they were playing pretty good although today my connection is the festival of lag and you have also screen shots for every video so that you can get yourself an idea of what’s going on.

Members area screenshots
Yappo members area preview Yappo members area preview Yappo members area preview

Conclusion about Yappo
The list of DVD movies that you find inside the members area of Yappo is impressive if you ask me and the chicks are really nasty, it will take you lots of time in order to watch all of these movies anyway BUT keep in mind like I have said above that for watching all the scenes you need to stay as a member because the site has DRM protection enabled, and I think that many visitors do not know what that is in reality.

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