Yummy Christine


So cold and rainy here…I just can’t wait for the sun to return so I can get back in my skimpy outfits and bikinis!  I have just finished shooting some brand new stuff and it is HOT!!  So…pay close attention…its not ready just yet but the hottness will be on the way soon!!  In the meantime, check out the over 5,000+ pics and lots of video already at my website!  Muah!! 

xoxo Christine


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2 Responses to “Yummy Christine”

  1. slutlover Says:

    just got to your site,and what a beautiful sight! If you’ve got a used pair of stockings that you were going to throw out anyway please keep me in mind 😉

  2. TheVern Says:

    I am in total lust over those juicy lips Miss Vinson. I posted this comment on the Mob board, but I’ll post it here too. Whoever gets a chance to kiss those lips is more lucky than someone who has won the lottery.

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