Exclusive Interview with Miss FreeOnes 2011 – Sophie Dee

Miss FreeOnes 2011 Sophie Dee

FreeOnes was able to catch up with Sophie Dee, the winner of the 2011 Miss FreeOnes title to ask her a few questions about her win!

Congratulations on being crowned Miss FreeOnes 2011! How does the win make you feel? It’s very exciting…I found out I won through my twitter fans! It was great news!
Did you think you were going to better tha your 4th place win in the 2010 contest? Yes, as I was number 1 for the longest time! So I thought for sure I’d be in at least the top 3. 😉
You won a whopping $10,000 that you don’t have to share with anyone else.  What are your plans for the prize money? Save most of it! I also do a few different charities so as soon as I find the next one, money will be donated towards it.  I just did the aids walk and I also raised a lot of money for daliah (the dog).
What was your strategy for winning the 2011 competition? Being nice to my fans.  Without them I wouldn’t win.
We have a few more questions for you! You’re a British porn star working in America.  Is there any difference between porn shot in the states and porn shot in the UK? Welsh, mmm I didn’t shoot too much porn out there.  When I did it was in a small apartment building and it wasn’t anything fancy.  But that was 6 years ago.  I’m not sure if it’s changed.
What kind of advice would you give someone who wanted to follow your footsteps into the adult industry? Just be nice to your fans!
Do you have any last words to your fans at FreeOnes? Thanks!
To see more Sophie Dee, why don’t you visit her Official Site?
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