Fakku.net To Charge For Site Usage


It’s not the place that I would have expected to see this news reported actually, but Forbes is reporting that Fakku.net is to introduce a paywall that it hops many of its users will take them up on.

They will charge around $10 to use a site that is cited by some as being the biggest hentai site online. They are hoping that many of their members will stay with them rather than looking for free options elsewhere.

Well, loyalty will earn them a lot of subscriptions, there’s no doubt about that. But it’s not like the internet isn’t teeming with other free hentai sites, is it? Best of luck with all that, guys.

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One Response to “Fakku.net To Charge For Site Usage”

  1. Noway Says:

    Sorry but this won’t work. They are so many other options like g.e-hentai.org/ or http://www.primehentai.com where they offer the same for free.

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