FreeOnes Exclusive Interview: Dollie Darko (Part 1)


We have managed to procure yet another exclusive interview with one of the hottest adult stars around, and this time the subject is the delicious Dollie Darko!


1.) How did you get your start in the adult industry?

I wanted to fuck James Deen so I signed up to do a scene with him on his site. I never expected to get a response. Within a few months I shot with him 4 times.

2.) Is making porn currently your only job? Or do you do something else on the side?

I’m a stripper full time.

3.) How did you choose your stage name? Is this your first stage name or have you had others?

I started out as Dolly and later changed it to Dollie Darko (a play on the movie Donnie Darko). I liked Dolly bc I’m a fuck doll.

4.) What’s the craziest thing you’ve seen while on the job?

I’ve seen a dildo fly off of the end of an electric drill and launch across a room!

5.) What do you think is the best and worst part of your job?

The best part is being able to get paid to be a huge slut. There is no worst part!

6.) Do you have any role models within this industry? If so, what makes them special to you?

I wouldn’t say I have role models but I do have a few favorite performers. Dana DeArmond is one of my favorites. I love the energy she puts out.

7.) What was the first porn you ever watched?

Geez.. This is awkward. It was a VHS tale of Samantha Foxxx and I don’t remember what it was called.

8.) Is there anyone that’s retired that you wish you could have worked with?

Christy Mack!

9.) What is the biggest/weirdest object you’ve inserted in yourself to date?

A fist was the largest, a huge gummy worm, cupcakes.. All of these things have been in my asshole

10.) What was being a Suicide Girl like?

Well, I still am a Suicide Girl! I have a new photo set coming out in a few months! I’ve met a lot of life long friends through the site and it’s been an amazing experience.


Part 2 will be along next week and you’ll be able to read all about it here or on the FreeOnes Board. Which, incidentally, is where you can also catch this interview and discuss it with others – head here!

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