Vice Interview: Daniel James


Photo courtesy of Spit Magazine

There is an excellent and revealing interview with the porn star Daniel James from Vice┬áthat really does show that site’s commitment to cover the outer fringes and ‘alt’ areas of porn.

I think aside from the obvious references to his disability and how that affects his sex life, it’s especially interesting to hear him talk about so-called ‘alt porn’.

As the writer points out, it’s a very blanket term that is used for basically any porn that isn’t mainstream sex scenes from the big name companies.

So large a category, in fact, that it’s of practically no use to anyone, especially as it seems to have been used differently by different sites, companies and people.

Anyway, back to James, it will be interesting to see if the exposure he gets here will lead to a greater awareness of disabled porn actors and whether more people with disabilities will be inspired to take up the profession.

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