Naughty America Predicts Bleak Future For PlayStation VR


The upcoming PlayStation VR system is being predicted to be a potential failure by the CIO of one of the companies that could help it to be a success.

Naughty America┬áCIO Ian Paul commented in an interview with The Daily Star┬áthat Sony’s history of refusing to co-operate with the porn industry and allow adult material on their technology could doom the system to failure before it begins.

And when you think back to the disaster that Betamax was and that they very nearly lost on the whole Blu-Ray deal until they reluctantly allowed porn Blu-Rays, you’d have to say he would be absolutely right.

Considering how many porn companies have already embraced VR, they would be absolutely crazy to make the same mistake again. But let’s face it, they probably will.

I don’t care either way, I’m happy with my SNES.

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