Lily Cade Interviewed By Cosmopolitan


Photo (with Nina Hartley) courtesy of Mile High Media

I don’t know if Cosmopolitan are making a concerted effort these days to interview more and more porn stars, but it does seem as though they are more frequent with such interviews.

They’re always really good too and their latest, with Lily Cade, is really¬†good as well. Cade is of course best known as being one of the ridiculously few genuine lesbian porn stars around.

I think the most revealing part of this interview is when she talks about trying to create chemistry with the straight girls that she’s worked with. I must say that of all the scenes I’ve watched her in, one thing that always stands out is how much passion there seems to be with her and her co-star.

So clearly, she’s a very good porn actress indeed. This is a great interview, and you can read it here.

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