FreeOnes Competition: Dominika C Results Announced


What, you missed it? Well, I did warn you and maybe you should pay attention next time and break the habit of a lifetime of just ignoring me completely – which is understandable under most circumstances.

Here’s all the info about the winners!


As a reminder, Dominika C asked you a few questions about her and her awesome site, and you tried your best to answer them!

Up for grabs was:

1st Place

Free 30 day membership and 1 free custom video!

2nd Place

Free 14 day membership and 1 pre-recorded exclusive video!

3rd Place

Free 7 day membership!

The questions she asked were:

  1. What are the names of my beautiful friends?
  2. How many languages do I speak?
  3. What is my orientation?
  4. What beautiful friend of mine photographed me in a public place?
  5. When is my birthday?

The answers we were looking for were:

  1. Agnes, Amber, Ashley Love ,Charlotta ,Denisa Hveaven, Kattie Gold, Gina Gerson, Marry Queen, Nela Gold, Sarka, Tess Lyndon, Shrima Malati
  2. Czech, Italian, English
  3. Bisexual
  4. Agnes
  5. 7th of October (though we accepted July 10th (7/10) due to the whole EU date format thing.

And now, time for our lucky winners!

1st Place: Bluejaye

2nd Place: ness052

3rd Place: Pornfan99

Congrats guys! We’ll be in contact soon with your prize details!

As for the rest, better luck next contest! We will be finishing adding your myFreeOnes credits for participating!

Didn’t win? You can still get intimate with Dominika through her website here! She runs it herself!

See you next contest!


There you go. That’s what you missed out on. If you don’t believe me, head along to the FreeOnes Board yourself and see if it’s all true!

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