FreeOnes Competition: Lethal Hardcore Results


So, did you get lucky in our exclusive Lethal Hardcore Christmas competition? Well, you’re about to find out!


To remind you guys, we asked you a handful of questions about Lethal Hardcore and their awesome site and you answered them!

We asked:

  1. Who are the top 4 current pornstars on Lethal Hardcore currently?
  2. True or false: double creampie is a category on Lethal Hardcore?
  3. How many DVDs have the double penetration category?
  4. What model is on the cover of Big Boobie Heaven?
  5. With our special discount link, how much is a one month subscription to Lethal Hardcore?
  6. Fill in the blank: “no fine print, no bullshit, _________!”

We were looking for:

  1. Naomi Woods, Brooke Wylde, Piper Perri, Karlee Grey.
  2. False
  3. We accepted both 14 and 21
  4. Siri
  5. This was regional so we accepted a few answers based on your currency.
  6. Just Great Porn!

Those of you that got all the answers correctly got put into a drawing. We picked your winners randomly from those elgiable. That means those couple of you that did not have 5 posts total by the end of the contest did not get entered. Newbies, get out there and post, dammit!

Anyway, the prizes were:

1st place – Free 1 year membership and DVD 10 pack!
2nd place – Free 90 day membership!
3rd place – Free 30 day membership!

And finally, the moment you all scrolled to! The winners!

1st place: CrimsonBolt
2nd place: gordon_freeman
3rd place: Maciesa

Congrats guys!!! We will be in touch soon with your passes, so please hang tight!

If you didn’t win, don’t worry, you can still join up over at Lethal Hardcore here. It’s good stuff!

We will be working on getting everyone their credits over the next few days so please be patient as well. Until then, see you next contest and keep on posting!


How did you do? No luck, huh? Lucky for you that won’t be the last competition around here….

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