FreeOnes Competition: Pascal’s Sub Sluts

Ooh yeah, let’s have a competition, shall we? I think we should too, it’s been a while after all!

And this is courtesy of the rough sex and submission site Pascal’s Sub Sluts! Here are the details:-


You know something? It’s time to explore something a little different around here. To open our eyes to a new world of sexual naughtiness. Yes, I’m talking about maybe a little light bondage, maybe a little domination and lots of dripping wet submissive sluts. We like those.

We’ve teamed up with the awesome people over at Pascals Sub Sluts and we have cooked up a little contest for you guys! We’re giving away FREE memberships to 3 very lucky winners and even score a sweet discount for those of you who can’t wait. Get that discount here!

Ready to score some free porn? Then let’s do this!

Attention! Read the Rules BEFORE answering the questions below! ONLY send answers to FreeOnes_Contests!!

How To Play 

  1. Answer the questions below to the best of your ability!
  2. Send your answers to FreeOnes_Contests, PLEASE.. DO NOT POST THEM IN THIS THREAD!
  3. Everyone that gets these answers correct gets entered into a random drawing. There will be 3 super lucky winners!
  4. Everyone who participates in this contest will get 25 myFreeOnes credits, win or lose! Don’t be shy!
  5. Answers can be found on Pascals Sub Sluts.
  6. Users must have at least 5 posts to participate so new members with less than 5 posts, get out there and post for corn’s sake!

The Questions 
Remember, these answers can be found on Pascals Sub Sluts. Check out that free streaming trailer anyway, its fucking hot.

1. What is the average number of updates does PascalsSubSluts offer per a week?
2. Which model did we shoot with that was on the award-winning show, Games of Thrones?
3. Name the two models that were featured in a Cuckhold scene?
4. How much is the first 30 day subscription to PascalsSubSluts currently through our special discount link?
5. What is the name of the award that Pascal White won from 2016?
6. Name the specific body part where we prominently feature our black stamp of PascalsSubSluts on our models?

Bonus challenge: For an extra 25 credits, post your favourite picture from the Pascals Sub Sluts tour in this thread!

The Prizes 

1. Free 90 day membership.
2. Free 60 day membership.
3. Free 30 day membership.

And there you have it! Still here?! Get out there and start getting those answers. Seriously, that trailer. Good luck, everyone! Again, no posty answers in the thready! PM FreeOnes_Contests with your answers please and thank you!

Contest begins NOW and ends Sunday July 30th, midnight Pacific Time Zone ‎(UTC-7)‎!

Good luck! 


So, basically, get your butts over to the FreeOnes Board to take part right now!

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