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Yui Hatano In Taiwan Metro Card Controversy

Friday, August 28th, 2015


The Japanese porn actress Yui Hatano has become embroiled in some very strange controversy after a Taiwanese transport company opted to use her image on pre-paid travelcards for their network, according to the BBC.

The image, which is surprisingly not quite as revealing as that above, is believed to be a very innocent one but this is still an odd story anyway. Why are they using her image in the first place?

In fact, why have the image of anyone on a travelcard? It’s all very odd. She is quite lovely and I guess it would make me want to travel a bit more.

The fact that a percentage of the profits on these cards is going to charity doesn’t seem to have appeased Taiwanese whiners with nothing better to do with their time though. No surprise there.

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Sunny Leone Reacts To Indian Porn Ban

Thursday, August 6th, 2015


The Indian porn ban may have been done and dusted within just a couple of days of being introduced, but not before India’s most famous porn export had her say on the matter.

Sunny Leone has had a famously very hard time trying to establish herself as a mainstream star back in her home country in the last year or so, having to contend with numerous controversies about her former career. So you might have thought she would choose to keep quiet on the subject.

Delightfully though, she showed very subtle support for the industry by posting this picture on her Twitter. Good on her for not staying completely silent on the subject and showing some solidarity for her former profession despite the negative press it could generate for her.

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Indian Government Lifts Porn Ban

Wednesday, August 5th, 2015


Well what was the point of all that?

After just a couple of days, the Indian government has caved into the worldwide condemnation of its decision to block 857 porn sites in their country and lifted the ban effective immediately.

It has been revealed that they took the initial decision of banning sites after criticism of their inability to block access to sites carrying child pornography.

Way to go, guys. That would be like banning walking to prevent people tripping over in the street. All I will say is that I might complain about being stuck with David Cameron in this country but it could be worse – I could be living under the dunderheads that are apparently governing India.

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New ‘Muslim’ Porn Film Causes A Stir

Tuesday, August 4th, 2015


A new Muslim themed porn film created by Kelly Madison is, as expected, causing a fair amount of discussion and controversy.

But as is rightly pointed out in this rather good article, Women Of The Middle East is far from being the only porn film that has some Muslim themes within it – but it could be one of the few that makes a point of ‘empower’ middle eastern women.

It’s a bold claim by Madison although I have to admit that I am somewhat sceptical as to just how empowering it is. That’s not to say that it’s not going to be great porn, though! Coming as it does from the Madisons, it will probably be rather hot!

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Indian Government Demands Block Of 857 Porn Sites

Monday, August 3rd, 2015

Porn ban sparks social media debate  4 things you must know

For some unknown reason, the Indian government has decided to set itself the task of banning porn sites, according to The Indian Express.

The Indian government are notoriously harsh on the internet, just indiscriminately banning a number of mainstream sites like YouTube last year – and some of these are still banned.

They have started off by telling ISPs to ban 857 porn sites to begin with, with indications being that they will seek to ban more. 857 porn sites. Not so much a drop in the ocean as a breath of wind in the whole damn universe.

There’s no indication as to whether FreeOnes is on the blocked site list. People of India! Let us know if you can still see us!

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Indian Women Watching More Porn Than Ever

Saturday, August 1st, 2015


It seems as though PornHub have spent a lot of their time recently revealing information about who is watching porn on their site and what they’re watching.

But their statistics are always interesting and revealing, and that is certainly the case once more as they reveal that more and more Indian women are watching porn than ever.

That in itself is perhaps not a surprise as the Indian market continues to be a significant growth area for the industry, but the fact that the percentage of people watching is increasingly female is very interesting.

Hopefully that will mean some more Indian porn actresses on the way soon. We really do need more of the likes of Anjali Kara to check out!

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Jurassic World Turned Into Gay Thai Porn

Friday, July 24th, 2015


Rule 34 has struck the summer’s biggest box office smash – Jurassic World has been turned into porn.

But it’s not quite the source that you might have expected for such a movie. The usual big name studios have been slow off the mark with this one, and instead, a gay Thai porn studio have hit the market with a title first.

You only have to look at the GIFs on the above linked story to see that it’s something that is sharing the same astronomical budget as the original, but features considerably better acting than Chris Pratt manages.

But they didn’t call it JurASSic World? For shame.

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Uniqlo Sex Tape Goes Viral

Thursday, July 23rd, 2015


A sex tape that was shot by an amorous couple in the changing room of a Chinese clothes store has gone viral – and led to a huge increase in custom at the store in question as people flock to see where the infamous video was filmed.

Shot at a branch of Uniqlo in Beijing, the video is now currently being investigated by police, according to this report, and the two participants will probably be the next to be investigated.

You know, perhaps it wasn’t a very good idea for these two to release this video publicly. Chinese police are not exactly renowned for their liberalism, are they?

You can watch it in about a million different places on various porn tube sites. And while I might question their decision to do this, I am quite grateful they did because the lady involved is EXTREMELY hot. Come on Vivid, offer HER a contract!

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Maria Ozawa Film Causes Controversy In Indonesia

Sunday, July 12th, 2015


Well, the Japanese former porn actress Maria Ozawa hasn’t been retired for all that long but her post-porn career is already causing some predictable controversy.

Her upcoming horror film, Nilalang, is currently being shown at a festival in the Philippines but Muslim clerics in Indonesia were in uproar about her shooting a film in the country due to her past.

There’s a short interview with her about the film here. Her motivation for doing the film seems to revolve around how “hot” her co-star, Robin Padilla, is. And it has to be said that considering how typically beautiful she looks in this clip, the feeling is probably mutual!

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Asian Porn Revelation Motivation Behind WWE Diva Signing

Saturday, July 11th, 2015


Just to show what a sheltered world the owner of WWE Vince McMahon lives in, apparently he didn’t know there was such a thing as Asian porn before he signed a female wrestler to a contract.

Former WWE commentator Jim Ross has revealed that he told McMahon about the existence of such a thing in an attempt to persuade him to sign Gail Kim.

It does make you worry very much that the owner of the one of the most popular entertainment brands in the world couldn’t believe the fact that Asian porn was a thing, doesn’t it?

Now somebody try explaining female ejaculation to him….

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Train Pee Porn Halted By Japanese Cops

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015


My advice to anyone wishing to travel on Japanese railways any time soon – lift your feet up!

A Japanese porn company has been busted over a video which showed models relieving themselves on a fully functioning and very much in-service train.

This story also reveals that the company in question paid its models in the region of $80 for shooting the videos, but considering they are now under a criminal investigation, they might be asking themselves if they were rather undercharged!

I have seen a lot of Japanese porn videos set on public transport and wondered if it was real. I guess this answers my question!

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