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BBC Chronicles Sora Aoi Career

Thursday, January 18th, 2018

Photo courtesy of JSex Network

The legendary former Japanese porn star Sora Aoi has had her remarkable career, and most specifically her amazing popularity in China, chronicled in a rather excellent article by the BBC.

It’s fascinating to read about why she in particular became such a phenomenon in China, something that she still is, but what I didn’t know is how much of a part she personally played in her popularity over there.

A really good read that also tells us a lot about Japanese-Chinese relations and just why her rise to prominence was so controversial in ways beyond porn.

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Porn Clip: Don’t Mind Me 2

Friday, December 8th, 2017

The best part of this is how they start up again once he’s disappeared. Because it’s only polite to stop while he gets by them!

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Mobile Game Offers Kirara Asuka’s Used Panties As Extra

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017


Photo courtesy of Idols 69

I remember when I used to buy video games a….. few years ago, the free gifts I occasionally got were a lot different from this.

I got a Bob-omb keyring with some Mario game I bought once. I think I may even have gotten a toy watch with some other game, from my hazy recollection.

So the above linked story from Kotaku is a world away from my experiences. I think it’s fair to say though that my video game addiction would have been even more intense if buying more games was going to get me freebies from the likes of Kirara Asuka.

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New Movie To Tackle Japanese Porn Taboos

Tuesday, October 31st, 2017


Photo courtesy of JJGirls

It can often feel to those in the western hemisphere especially as though the Japanese porn scene and industry is like something from another galaxy.

Their approach and themes are so different – and in some ways, problematic. A new movie called The Lowlife, directed Takahisa Zeze, is an adaptation of a novel by former Japanese porn star Mana Sakura and will look to explore and challenge some of Japanese porn’s taboos.

I don’t really know much about Zeze, so it’s questionable as to whether this movie will become well known or even picked up in the west. However, with so little mainstream media dedicated to Japanese porn, it could be a very interesting picture indeed.

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Live Show: Rina Ellis

Wednesday, October 18th, 2017

Photo courtesy of 21 Naturals

Rina Ellis continues her busy week with her second live show of the week, although this time she is all by her lonesome.

Well, at least she will be until us lot show up, and we’re bound to be there in force to check her out because how can we possibly resist her?

And if you were present for her first show this week, then you will know, like I do, that we would be missing out on so much by not joining her today.

Her show starts at 5pm PST and you can watch it here.

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Live Show: Ayumi Anime and Jade Kush

Tuesday, October 17th, 2017


Photos courtesy of Penthouse and Team Skeet

WildOnCam are going for a pair of brand new and gorgeous Asian babes for their hosted show today – and what a pair of cuties they have picked out as well.

Ayumi Anime, who has only been in porn for about five minutes and is already causing a lot of furious masturbating, and Jade Kush who has been around for even less time, should make for quite a show!

They will be ready and waiting for you to join them from 5pm PST and you can see their show right here.

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Saya Song Breaks Several Cherries In New Scene

Thursday, September 28th, 2017

Photo courtesy of Throated

As you can see from the title and front cover of her new DVD, South Korean porn star Saya Song bursts quite a few firsts in Saya Song’s Anal Initiation.

In this title, which you can buy on DVD or stream and download from the FreeOnes store, she does her first DP, anal, gangbang and even double anal scenes!

That’s quite some way to go about things! It’s a pretty awesome DVD and you will certainly want to check it out right here.

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Japan Moves To Prevent Porn Coercion

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

A worrying article in The Guardian today which covers the topic of Japanese women who have been coerced and tricked into starring in pornographic movies.

It’s a subject the porn industry itself has played around with. We’ve seen loads of these sites where girls are ‘tricked’ into an audition or interview, only for it to be revealed as porn.

Of course, they’re not real. But it’s also a subject the porn industry needs to take seriously because I would venture to suggest that it’s not just a situation that affects Japanese porn.

Surely it’s something that needs to be addressed by the industry worldwide?

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Porn Clip: Talk About A Ruined Orgasm

Monday, May 15th, 2017

That’s gonna leave a mark – but not on her face!

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Shigeo Tokuda: The World’s ‘Oldest’ Porn Star

Friday, April 14th, 2017

Image courtesy of Reuters / The Mirror

As someone who celebrated his [CENSORED] birthday yesterday, I myself have started to think about my on-rushing years and how I can help myself prolong my life and improve my health.

One option I hadn’t considered, even as someone much younger than him (HONEST), is take the advice of Shigeo Tokuda and consider entering the world of porn.

As much as the prospect of having sex with women much, much younger than me in my 70s and 80s isn’t unattractive, as he talks about here, I think it might be the last thing on my mind.

Because I’ll be old and I’ll be more concerned with things like kids riding their bikes on the sidewalk and the bus being late.

Actially, those things already bother me.


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The Strange Case Of The Brazilian Footballer And Japanese Porn Star

Thursday, April 13th, 2017

Image courtesy of FourFourTwo

This is one of those stories where a couple of things just don’t make sense to me and are not adequately explained in the article, thus leaving me confused and upset at the world.

For a start, if betting is illegal in China, then why on Earth did they make a betting ad – IN CHINA?

Secondly, why did this Chinese betting ad, made in China, where betting is illegal, also feature Japanese porn star Tsukasa Aoi, when porn is also illegal in China?

Just does not make sense and this has ruined my day because I’ll be thinking about this and trying to figure it out all day. Goddammit.

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