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Teacher’s Porn Star Nicknames Idea Not Welcomed

Sunday, June 4th, 2017

I mean, by all means he may have thought it would be a “good laugh” – but at what point did he think it would be a good idea?

I can only assume that Graeme Cowie has never actually been to school himself because if he had he would know that there is NO CHANCE that his little stunt here wouldn’t be found out.

Furthermore, considering he is a man of some intelligence to be employed as a teacher, the fact that alarm bells didn’t ring about this idea is frankly alarming. He should have been sacked for being a massive idiot.

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Ontario Politician Makes ‘Send To All’ Porn Blunder

Tuesday, May 30th, 2017

Ontario Councillor Andy Petrowski Asked To Resign After 'Reply All' Porn Email

Oh dear.

I don’t think we should judge Andy Petrowski too harshly though. We have all done it, accidentally sent something to someone that absolutely was not meant for them AT ALL. And then embarked upon a campaign of trying to explain it with the most elaborate lie we can possibly concoct.

Not that I’m suggesting Petrowski is lying, far from it. But there’s a serious point to this. You know, politicians are allowed to look at porn as well! They shouldn’t have to resign just for pressing the wrong button!

Especially if their porn of choice appears to be Czech Casting. Nice one, Andy!

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Ex-Trucker Attacks Bunny Ranch After ‘Bad Experience’

Monday, May 29th, 2017

In one of the strangest developments I’ve read about for some time, the world famous Bunny Ranch brothel has been attacked and had its front entrance significantly damaged after an ex-trucker drove an 18 wheeler through its front door.

The entire surreal incident is detailed here and also covered by the Ranch’s owner Dennis Hof on his Twitter. From what is said in the article, it is claimed the driver once had a bad experience there although this is refuted by Hof who says he can’t remember ever seeing the man there.

Even so, this is all extremely odd to say the very least – and thankfully nobody was hurt. It does seem as though they are attempting to trade as usual though.

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xHamster Backs New ‘Porn Hiding’ Technology

Saturday, May 27th, 2017

As I’ve said before, I’m pretty lucky to be in this line of work.

I’ll possibly never have to experience the constant fear of reprisals by looking at porn at work like many of you experience, perhaps on a daily basis. BEHIND YOU!

But maybe your days of worrying are over because some bright spark has developed something that automatically closes browser windows and mute audio if someone approaches your desk while you’re watching something that isn’t quite within the company’s remit.

As reported by XBiz, the minimeyes motion sensor is currently part of an Indiegogo campaign which, if successful, will see it brought to market.

They need $96,000 in a month – but the initial investment has been slow. Put your hands in your pockets, guys! No, not like THAT….

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Fidget Spinner Crazy Hits Porn

Saturday, May 27th, 2017

I wasn’t sure if the stupid fidget spinner craze that has caught on seemingly in the last couple of weeks was an international thing or not – but according to this Refinery 29 piece, it would seem that it is.

That’s because Pornhub have reported a massive spike in searches for fidget spinner porn. Not exactly surprising considering I would imagine that the number of said searches probably stood at zero for the entire life of Pornhub until the last few weeks.

Also not surprising is the fact that there isn’t actually much fidget spinner porn out there. Yeah, don’t expect it to stay like that. Porn finds a way.

What is it with these things anyway? They spin and that’s it. What am I supposed to derive from this? Are we not doing the Pokemon Go any more, then?

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Japan Moves To Prevent Porn Coercion

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

A worrying article in The Guardian today which covers the topic of Japanese women who have been coerced and tricked into starring in pornographic movies.

It’s a subject the porn industry itself has played around with. We’ve seen loads of these sites where girls are ‘tricked’ into an audition or interview, only for it to be revealed as porn.

Of course, they’re not real. But it’s also a subject the porn industry needs to take seriously because I would venture to suggest that it’s not just a situation that affects Japanese porn.

Surely it’s something that needs to be addressed by the industry worldwide?

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Molly Cavalli Shark Bite Claimed To Be Fake

Saturday, May 13th, 2017


Just a few days ago I was slightly alarmed to see that Molly Cavalli had been reported as being the victim of a shark bite.

But today I’m all the more alarmed to learn that the news may well be the subject of a completely bizarre hoax, according to this news story.

This is all extremely bizarre to say the very least. A publicity stunt? Possible legal ramifications? And what is Molly’s part in all this?

Even in the world of porn this has to go down as one of the downright weirdest stories I’ve seen for quite some time and I’m sure there will be more about it to come.

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X-Art To Sue NBA Star Chris Bosh

Saturday, May 13th, 2017

This might not be quite as peculiar a news story as the Molly Cavalli shark bite ‘hoax’ story, but it’s still some pretty bizarre shit nonetheless.

Of course, X-Art are no strangers to court cases, usually surrounding them suing people for illegally downloading or uploading their videos, but this is something altogether different.

The bit about the poor internet connectivity gets me, I must say. Are these guys really blaming Chris Bosh because they couldn’t get a decent internet connection at this house? How about blaming the people who provided the internet?

Guys, as the song goes, let it go.

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Indian Boy Hits Headlines In Anti-Porn Campaign

Friday, May 12th, 2017

His name is Akash Narwala and he’s disgusted that his classmates watch porn.

While most 16 year olds are doing something completely unproductive with their lives, this chap has decided that he wants to rid India of the ‘plague’ of porn.

What a fine, upstanding chap he is. I have to say that I have nothing but the utmost respect for someone who insists on pushing their own beliefs and dislikes on people and to stop them from having fun as well as just getting on with enjoying what they want.

Keep up the good fight, Akash, I’m sure you’re very popular with your classmates!

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Molly Cavalli Recovering From Shark Bite

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

Photo courtesy of Molly Cavalli’s official website

The only thing I really know about sharks are from Jaws and this kids TV show that they show over here called Octonauts.

They did a show once about lemon sharks and you know, not once in that show did they mention that they could be dangerous to ex-porn stars. I can’t imagine why not!

But that’s exactly what turned out to be the case for Molly Cavalli who, as reported by AVN, needed 20 stitches in a leg wound received from a bite – while she was in a cage?

Yeah, might want to sue the makers of that cage, Molly!

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Aria Alexander Leaves Porn Industry

Saturday, May 6th, 2017

Photo courtesy of In The Crack

I feel like all I’ve done the last couple of days is bring bad news about porn stars retiring and I’m afraid this blog entry is no different.

The sudden disappearance of Aria Alexander from social media has been explained after it was revealed that tweets she posted just before she deleted her Twitter account detailed how she was leaving porn, citing exhaustion and no longer enjoying her work.

Although she said she had no bad experiences working in porn, she felt there were better opportunities available to her and that she was going to pursue them. We’ll miss you, Aria, and wish you all the best in your future!

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