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New FreeOnes OCSM – Briana Banks

Friday, June 17th, 2016


No matter how long they have been working in the industry and no matter what size their fanbase is, we always appreciate any new OCSM with open arms and the same exact warm welcome.

But in the case of Briana Banks, I don’t think anyone could blame us for being a little bit more excited and enthusiastic than usual. The word ‘legend’ is thrown around way too much these days, but there’s no question that Briana qualifies as such.

Basically, if there were a porn Mount Rushmore, I’m pretty sure she would be on it. Come and welcome her to the FreeOnes family by checking out her board page here and her babe section here.

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New FreeOnes OCSM: Lacie James

Saturday, June 11th, 2016


It has indeed been a grand week for brand new OCSMs, so the arrival of another new one in the extremely shapely form of Lacie James is yet more great news for us all!

This magnificently busty 34 year old is our latest capture and one we are very much looking forward to having around and conversing with, as we’re sure you are too.

If you want to send her a message then you can do so on her board profile here and check out her welcome post right here.

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New FreeOnes OCSM: Dakota Skye

Monday, June 6th, 2016


Oh boy have we got a sizzling new OCSM to tell you about today!

Dakota Skye (also known as Kota Sky) is the latest lovely lady to declare her interest in being a FreeOnes Official Checked Star Member, and we have accepted her offer unconditionally. Because we’re not completely insane.

One of the most popular porn stars around right now, this stunning blonde also has something special coming up soon that will be exclusive to FreeOnes. See how well we treat you? You can take us home to meet your parents now!

The gorgeous Dakota’s board profile is here, so pop along and make friends with her today!

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New FreeOnes OCSM: Brantley Blaze

Saturday, June 4th, 2016


Fellow FreeOnes ’employee’ and serial underwear hoarder Adam, in his introductory post about new FreeOnes OCSM Brantley Blaze, describes her as an “adorable sexy thing”.

Well, she is rather, isn’t she? She’s a brand new one both to the FreeOnes database and to our ever-growing OCSM collective, but already she’s stealing hearts left, right and centre.

Pop along to her board profile here and say howdy to her if you so wish, and check out her bage page here for more loveliness from this delightful newcomer.

Greetings, Brantley!

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New FreeOnes OCSM: Cassandra Cain

Saturday, June 4th, 2016


As you can see from the photo above, Cassandra Cain (also previously known as Jade Rox) loves FreeOnes. And, quite frankly, we love her too!

Even more so now that she has become a brand new OCSM! She has indeed joined the mass ranks of lovely porn stars and adult models to become Officially Checked Star Members on the mighty FreeOnes Board.

Her introductory post is here, her board profile is here and her babe section is here. Pop along and send her a message!

And welcome aboard, Miss Cain!

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New FreeOnes OCSM: Alexis Fawx

Thursday, May 26th, 2016


The latest gorgeous lady to be added to our star-studded list of OCSMs is the fantastic Alexis Fawx – and she is certainly one of the biggest stars to have become an OCSM we have had for quite some time!

The blonde bombshell is easily one of the most popular and sexy mature porn stars around and we are delighted to have her on board!

You can see her welcome post on the FreeOnes Board here. You can see a complete list of all our OCSMs here.

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New FreeOnes OCSM: Sylvy Sinclair

Thursday, April 28th, 2016


The second of the two brand new OCSMs to tell you about today is the 36 year old Brazilian stunner and professional femdom Sylvy Sinclair.

Not only is she a complete newcomer to the FreeOnes family, but she’s also a complete newcomer to the porn industry. But she’s already very busy, performing regular live cam shows and sessions, and already has her own official website behind her.

So, why not pop along to her profile on the FreeOnes Board here and leave her a message. Remember to be nice though or she’ll whip your sorry ass!

Welcome aboard, Sylvy!

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New FreeOnes OCSM: Elyce Ferrera

Thursday, April 28th, 2016


I have a couple of brand new OCSMs to tell you about today, and the first of them is the lovely 20 year old newcomer Elyse Ferrera.

This gorgeous and exotic new babe has already shot a wild scene with BlowBang Girls and she seems set to become a new favourite with FreeOnes members!

Welcome to the family, Elyse, and we look forward to spending lots of time in her company. You can find out more about her or chat to her in her own thread on the FreeOnes Board right here.

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New Official Checked Star Member: Nasse Laila

Friday, March 11th, 2016

Yes, it’s time for another new feature! Because we love coming up with new features, don’t we?

Actually, this is more of a reboot. It’s an idea we did before on the blog long before yours truly took over and, well, turned it into the shambles it is today.

We will be taking a glance at the latest OCSMs who have been added to the FreeOnes Board in the previous week. An OCSM is an ‘official checked star member’ – an adult performer who has proven to us that she is who she says she is.

And we now have 821 ladies of that description on our forum – with this lady being the latest to be added….


Nasse LailaMain profile / Board profile


Photo courtesy of Nasse Laila’s official website


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