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Anal Gang Bang and Creampie Extravaganza!

Tuesday, January 31st, 2017

Usually what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Unless you’re me, then it gets put on the internet for you to spank your cock to while watching. I wanted to put up a tease of what I got on my FIRST night in Vegas for AVN. I thought I’d start things off slow and invite 3 guys to fuck me in the ass and fill me with their heavy cum loads. Yes, that’s a slow start for me.

Enter the 3 guy gang bang crew of Devon Savage, Tommy Utah and newcomer Ronnie Hendrix none of whom I had ever met or seen before.

There’s no script. The guys just took turns fucking me in all my holes for as long as they wanted while one of them held the camera. Now usually I don’t count it as a Gang Bang unless there are at least 5 guys fucking me but since it was an Anal event plus creampies I put it in the Real Gang Bang category.

Please note that I took the Anal Virginity of Ronnie. He had never, ever fucked a girl in the ass before, much less shot his load in anyones back door. I have taken a whole lot of mens Anal cherry. I need to make myself a list.

I do not to give too much away because I want you to join my site to see the whole thing. So I’m putting up a bit of preview to give you a taste of what went on. Members will see the whole clip coming up soon. In addition, if you’re a member you can chat LIVE with me every week and ask me all about my Anal cravings and how it feels to have a room full of guys take turns fucking my asshole and filling me with their load. You can even spank it and show me YOUR load during the webshow.

Here is the link to join.

You can Click Here to see the Preview Video Clip.

What are you waiting for?



PS- In case you want to see what my married holes looked like after my Anal Gang Bang and Creampie Extravaganza here is pic. Who’s next?


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It’s time for me to Teach You a Lesson! New York, Boston, Miami, Dallas

Monday, October 3rd, 2016

OK people Autumn is upon us and that means I am on travel!  I will be in the cities listed below and will also be in other cities by special request.  Remember you can always check my Travel Schedule on my website:  I only get to most cities ONCE A YEAR at best so make plans to book NOW with Nina. Email Nina at:

Email Nina at and let her know what time works best for you

My first stop is New York.  Make sure you get in touch with Nina now!

Upcoming Tour Schedule

Dallas – September 27-29

New York City – October 9-13
Boston – October 13-14
Miami – October 17-19
Tampa/Orlando – October 21-22
Edison, NJ – November 3-6
Charleston, SC – November 14-22
DC – November/December TBA
Vegas – January 17-21
Los Angeles – January 22-26



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Take the Alexis Golden Challenge

Monday, June 13th, 2016

I Challenge you to try to and watch the entire video at this link without masturbating. I do not think you can do it.

Men, Women doesn’t matter. Take the Alexis Golden Challenge and let me know how you did!

Click HERE for the Alexis Golden Challenge!

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June 15 is a Triple Special Celebration Day for Alexis Golden

Monday, June 13th, 2016

Wednesday,  June 15 is a VERY Special Day for me!  I have not 1, not 2, but THREE major things happening on that date.

They are:

1- June 15 marks TEN YEARS exactly that I’ve had my personal Reality Site live and online.  The celebrate that date, I will make LIVE my NEW and UPDATE REMODELED Website!!  I know you will love it!  I’ve been working on it for hours and hours with my own hands.  It’s truly a labor of love!

2- Secondly, June 15 is the date I’ll do my FIRST EVER Web Show with the Amazing people from Vette Nation.  Vicky Vette is the only person I’d do Web Shows for so tune in at 5 PM Eastern for my first show.  In addition to my shows, you get ALL of the VNA girls shows as a member of my site.  You can literally chat with and beat off to girl after girl after girl.

3- Last but not least, June 15 is MY BIRTHDAY!  Come celebrate it with me!!!

You can lock in at pre-launch prices by clicking HERE!

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Teacher Appreciation and Bad Boy Punishment

Monday, May 16th, 2016

Did you appreciate Teachers during Teacher Appreciation week?

If you didn’t you will be in line for a spanking.  Many of you have told me that your favorite scene of me was my Sexy Teacher Shoot with Naughty America.  I have to agree.  I also did a shoot for Kink where I put paddle to ass of a bad boy.

You should visit Naughty and tell me which of my scenes with them is your favorite.

Also, watch me Spank some Bad Boy Ass HERE!



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My European Gang Bang Tour with Emma Starr

Monday, February 8th, 2016

You would think I didn’t have many fantasies left to do. But I have always wanted to go to Europe for a Gang Bang but never had the chance. Thanks to Super Sultry Emma Starr, my fantasy is about to come true!

I’ve googled European Gang Bangs Emma Starr and watched probably 50 videos. While watching, I pretended I was right beside her, both of surrounded by cocks, then covered in cum. Very shortly, I won’t have to pretend any longer!

I will arrive in London March 7 and meet Emma and her husband Brad. My husband Ty is coming along too as he wouldn’t miss this for the world. In fact, he wants me to go over to Germany next, but that’s another story.

I’ve never shot a big gang bang before. I’ve done a few 10 guys parties and a couple smaller Bukkake shoots. But this will definitely be new ground for me. I’m super glad Emma is taking my real Gang Bang virginity as she is definitely The Queen of the European Gang Bang! In fact, people who want information about attending can email Emma and Brad at and they will get you more information.

Now suppose you just don’t live in the UK and you really, really want to see what’s going on. Well, we got you covered. We’re going to be showing the Gang Bangs LIVE on Streammate. So you’ll have to sign up ahead of time. To get the link to watch the Gang Bang you have to be on My List. CLICK HERE for the Mailing List. Once you’re on there I’ll keep you up to date and everything that is going on.

In addition to being able to watch the Gang Bang LIVE and cheer us on, you can Bid on the sexy clothes Emma and I will be wearing. Everything from head to toe!
Make sure you keep up to date and informed. If you are interested in being there email Emma. If you want to watch LIVE or buy some clothing souvenirs then get on My List.

The Video of my first European Gang Bang will be available immediately after we get back home. I’ll also have it on my Clips4Sale Store. But before anyone else my Site Members will get to see me get cum covered. The Gang Bang footage will be the very first update on my NEW REMODELED Web Site.

You can also chat with me after the Gang Bang as I’m also joining Vicky Vette and her girls in The VNA Web Show Schedule.

A LOT going on!

Remember to use your Discount and CLICK HERE to be a Member and take Full Advantage of all the extra stuff my Members receive!!



PS- Remember, get on My List for the Web Cam Link and how to bid on the Goodies from the Gang Bang!

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The Comeback Shoot is Now Live!

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016

Well it’s finally LIVE!

My long overdue Comeback Shoot with Naughty America. Click HERE to see Seduced by a Cougar. It has been many long years since I shot anything pro. Naughty got my first shoots and I’m ready to do more!!

Twitter People do me a favor and send Naughty a Tweet saying you want to see more of me! @naughtyamerica

Let me know what you think after watching!

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The Story of My Comeback Shoot with Naughty!

Wednesday, January 27th, 2016

It’s been many years since I did a pro porn shoot. As you know I’ve been shooting my own content and shooting with friends and swingers. I’ve been getting a lot of requests to start doing pro shoots again so I decided to go back to where I first started….to Naughty America!

My first ever pro shoots were with Naughty way back when. In fact you can see ALL of my previous Naughty America Shoots by Clicking Here!

When I decided to shoot pro porn again I got in touch with the great Naughty people and they were very excited to help me get back…on my back! The ever lovely Lauren from NA put me in touch with Levi Cash down in Miami. He got right back with me and I have to say he’s a real sweetheart. He wanted to put me in my comeback shoot with my BFF Sara Jay. Can you imagine how great that would have been? Sara and I have done Threesome’s for the fun of it and have worn out our share of lucky dudes. Unfortunately Sara could not shoot that weekend. But there is always next time.

Levi brought in one of my “To-Do” people, Diamond Foxxx to shoot with me. I’ve always wanted to get my hands on Diamond and now I will get my chance. The lucky dude for this event turned out to be Sean Lawless.

We met on a sunny Saturday in FL and Levi’s sexy make up girl really was a treat. She did an awesome job with my make up and she was a LOT of fun. When Diamond arrived we hit it off like we’ve been friends forever. She’s a whole lot of fun to be with and has many stories to share. Did you know she’s in the Roller Derby? Take a look at Diamond and me before we fuck so hard we sweat our make up off.

When the shoot started it was like riding a bike and both Diamond and I enjoyed taking advantage of Mr. Sean. I won’t ruin the surprise when you watch the video come out but use your imagination as to what happened. Suffice it to say Mr. Sean had empty balls when we left!

Diamond offered to give me a ride back to my hotel and that was quite the adventure as well. NASCAR drivers have nothing on her!

I was up bright and early the next day and went back to meet Levi and his hottie make up girl again. I was shooting a 1 on 1 with another young Naughty stud who has the stage name Brick Danger. I have to say he’s the first person I’ve met named Brick. We went right at it like he had picked me up in a club and I drained his young hard cock completely empty.

After both shoots were done I will have to day it won’t be years before I do it again. Keep an eye on the Naughty America site for when these shoots will be released. I promise you’ll need lotion and tissues!

Keep coming back to the Blog and my site as I’ll be publishing more information about my first trip to Europe with Superstar MILF Emma Starr and our big event, a London Gang Bang!

I’m also finishing up my long overdue remodeling of my site.

PLUS, I’m joining the VNA Web Cam Team and you’ll be able to see me and archives of Web Shows!



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The Ten Year Anniversary!

Wednesday, November 11th, 2015

Ten years ago, in 2005, I met Richard Mann for the first time. My husband Ty had the hots for Raven Black and her pink hair. Richard was in many scenes with Raven and we decided I needed to get some of that dick too. See the pic of Raven and Richard. Plus the pic of Raven and I together when she had blue hair. NOTE: When I shot with Raven we shared the cum shot with a straw! Watch!

Here is Raven Black with Richard Mann

We contacted Richard at his home in Northern CA and flew him down to Las Vegas to do a shoot. We met at the old THE Hotel, which is now The Delano. We allotted 8 hours for the shoot including travel time. Ty picked him up at the airport and brought Richard to the room. I was waiting in my sexy red dress.

What happened over the next hours is documented in my “One Night in Vegas” series. See ONV 1 and 2 Here.

Suffice it to say all my holes were filled all 8 hours. Two regular white guys stopped by to complete a DP with me. One jumped in and got his first ass fuck. The other white guy got a look at Richard fucking me in the ass balls deep and ran out the door.

DP with Richard and a White Guy

Three Loads. Richard, White Guy and My Hubby goes last!

We only stopped fucking because we all had planes to catch. But we knew we’d meet again, we just didn’t know how much.

Over the years we introduced Richard to a number of my friends. The most memorable introduction came when we brought Janet Mason over to fuck Richard. That event was the ORIGINAL Mann Meat productions and one of the top amateur films of all time. You can see it here.

Eating my First Load of Richard Mann cum!

Feeding Richard's Cock to Janet Mason for the first time

Richard was the star of my FLP movie, which in case you have lived under a rock, is my All Anal Series. FLP meaning Fuck it Like a Pussy. He especially likes to cum in my ass then catch the dripping cum from my freshly fucked asshole in his hand and then feed me his load. Nasty!

Measuring Richard's Cock before he fucks me in the Ass!

After shooting his load in my ass, Richard waits for it to drip from my well fucked hole into his hand, then he feeds it to me from his hand. Yummy!

Richard also starred in my FLP III when he teamed up with another black guy and Angie Noir to fill ALL my holes at one time. Air Tight is the way to go. That title is here:

As the 10th Anniversary of our first meeting approached I knew we had to get together to commemorate the event. I was wet anticipating his arrival and knew what awaited me. As soon as he came it we started to go at it. We don’t stop and certainly don’t fake like they do in pro shoots. We sucked and fucked for over an hour without a break. I feasted on his tasty and familiar cum load as the finale.

Ten Years Later!

Nice to have it in my mouth again!

When Richard left I knew we’d have many more events where I’d get to feel his cock. We talked about him organizing me a big Gang Bang with 10-15 of his well hung black friends. I hope it comes true.

Another Tasty Load1

One final thing. Don’t think we just fuck all the time. Richard has turned out to be one of our best friends. He’s a wonderful person and a wonderful father. We’re glad to know him as that too!

Use your Special Discount to Join and see ALL of the Ten Years of Richard Mann and me Fucking! Click Here!

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Alexis is The Travel MILF- Atlantic City Edition

Friday, May 1st, 2015

I know you all love my Travel MILF series. If you’ve been under a rock and don’t know what it is then read on!

I travel a great deal on business. I don’t like to be alone in my hotel room. So…..I either hook up with other porn people who may be in town or prowl the Swinger sites for capable dick. Or pussy too actually.

The latest release from my Travel MILF series is me doing Atlantic City. The story behind it is the annual week for Porn people to visit. I had yet to meet Moe the Monster and wanted to certify his Monster Cock credentials. After all, I am the Queen of the DDD (Double Digit Dick) Certification Club.

Well, he is now Certified DDD by me and to top things off he fed me a huge, white, sticky, creamy thick load of cum! Just like I like it!

The first part if me with Moe.

Since I was sharing a room with my BFF Sara Jay, we decided to give Rome Major the treat of taking us both on at the same time.

We warned him to eat his Wheaties. Sara and I get off on each other any way but adding a black dick just make things that much better.

I have to say my favorite part was when Sara sat on my face with her sexy ass and rubbed her pussy in my face. All this while Rome fucked me balls deep!

Now tell the truth, how many of you wish Sara Jay would sit on YOUR face?

OK, maybe my favorite part is actually the end. What happened? Well Rome popped his nut on both our faces, then Sara and I swapped his cum by spitting it in each others mouths and kissing to close out the shoot.

The funny thing is we’ve had so much other fun when we didn’t have a camera man. Oh well, you’ll just have to use your imagination.

Now if you want to see a FREE Trailer on what I just told you about CLICK HERE!


Get the DVD from this Blog Story. CLICK HERE FOR THE DVD!


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Foursome Fucking 4 with Deauxma

Monday, January 26th, 2015

I met Deauxma several years ago and have been waiting patiently to be able to shoot with her. My long wait (and yours) is over as this flick has 2 scenes of the Legendary Deauxma and me together.

The earlier entries in my Foursome Fucking series had me sharing cocks with Lisa Sparks, Kelly Divine, Janet Mason.

Now I finally get to fuck with Deauxma.

We selected one lucky black guy and one lucky white guy to be treated to our MILF pussy. We called our scene “Cheating Lesbians” as Deauxma and I were playing lovers who decided to go for the cock too. We swap both color dicks back and forth and we each get drilled hard.

One guy gets to spudge his load on Deauxma’s HUGE knockers.

I couldn’t resist eating the heavy, thick load of the black guy. This Foursome is a classic scene and you must see us together.

As a BONUS there is another scene that is of Deauxma and I playing Super Heroes. She is Dynamic Deauxma and I am Green Envy. We are bored Super Heroes because there is no crime and we decide to explore each other.

I have to say I’ve waited a long time to taste Deauxma’s pussy and feel those massive boobs.

The BEST part is when Deauxma puts on her trusty Strap-On Cock and FUCKS me deep. I loved watching her fuck me with those big tits in my face.Well people, you can tell I’m getting off on her and the wait was well worth it!

Awesome first time movie with two real life swinger MILF’s.

If you would like the full download version right now then Click Here. And other titles are Here.

Watch the Vid Trailer. Click Here.


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