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Lori playing with veggie

Friday, July 20th, 2007

I was in the kitchen again and this time I got real horny when I was scrambling thru my fridge when I came across this big cucumber and naughty thoughts started entering my mind. I stuffed it in my wet pussy with a bunch of other strange objects that I done per request from a member inside my site. The video is very kinky if your into that you will definately blow your cum hard.

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Lori Anderson in a bar!

Thursday, July 5th, 2007

I love visiting my friend Mindy down in Florida :) this time it was in October called guavaween.. a big party! She was a schoolgirl slut and I was a biker bitch.. wearing a leather outfit. We were showing our boobs to everyone that walked by us and let me tell ya im sure that many guys have our pictures because the flashing was non stop.. check out all the flashing pictures inside.

Love Lori xxx

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Lori Anderson gets dick slapped

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

Okay so you know I will take request for updates as I always want to know what you like and whats your kink? Well this one guy wrote in and wanted to see me get my face cock slapped! Okay that is exactly what happened. non stop pounding of his dick on my forehead, cheeks, lips everywhere until he slapped the cum right out of it and landed all over my face! I know he was happy cuz he got to see what he wanted so check out the video for all the cock slapping cum facial fantasies.

Luv Lori xo

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Lori Anderson waitress

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

Would you love for me to serve you dinner in sexy lingerie? I think that is very hot! I had on some black sheer back panties on and matching top with sexy pink thigh highs and black heels… Mmmmm You wanna just sit down relax and I will take care of the rest….

Enjoy this sexy set!

Luv Lori xo

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Sexy Lori Anderson!

Monday, June 18th, 2007

I was in Florida for a week on vacation visiting some friends that live in a nude resort This set you will see my all over natural body tan. I know some of you like tanlines but when I have a chance to just take it all off and enjoy walking around and laying out naked I am there! You will definately like the nice close up shots I did of my pussy lips. Are you ready for me?


Love Lori

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Lori gagged and fucked

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

My sex life sure is one big horny adventure. I love to roleplay into very naughty thoughts and fantasize about some pretty kinky fucking. One of my favorites here is being a naughty submissive slave. I can be very dominate but sometimes I like to play switchy and let the master be in control. He put a ball gag on me so I couldn’t complain too much about how he was going to fuck me and as he gave me a naughty spanking and pulled my hair. I was totally under his control and couldn’t stop him from shooting his cum all over my pretty face here.


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Smoking blowjob outdoors

Saturday, June 16th, 2007

No I don’t smoke but there are a few guys that watching me do it. I was hanging out at the beach here smoking these long skinny capri cigarrettes blowing it in your face and I know it was turning you on I ended up giving my camera man a smoking blowjob! Imagine that, me sucking cock while IM puffing away. blowing it on his cock..  Now this one is for all you smoking fetish fans.


Luv Lori xo

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Do you need help with that car?

Thursday, June 7th, 2007

This T-Bird was looking really hot sitting in the yard so I went out to it to see what was under the hood. Wow what a nice motor that was :) it was very customized so of course when you start it up its sooo loud! I decided to get butt naked and bend over to give some others something to look at.. heheheheh you all know that I love to get naked outdoors and don’t really care if anyone else gets a glimpse. I hope you enjoy this whole set its definately hot for all you car lovers.

Luv Lori xo

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Dildo bikini fucking on boat!

Friday, June 1st, 2007

I get so horny sometimes when I go out on the lake with my guy that I bring huge toys with me and surprise him when he gets horny watching me lay out in my bikini all day. I had this big black rubber toy that I brought and omg it stretches my tight little pussy out big time! It hurt a bit when I started to fuck myself but it got better as I started pumping cuz my pussy was just dripping with joy.  I know you enjoy the close up spreads I did for you here and hope it gets your cock off!

Love Lori xo

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Boating Pleasure?

Wednesday, May 16th, 2007

I love to boat it is my hobbie in the summer time and I have many friends that have boats that I hang out with and they are all different sizes and shapes. My one friend Chris just got a divorce and he kept his big huge yaught that he shared with his wife. I was visiting him up in Canada and he let me spend the night on his boat for a few days while visiting up there instead of getting a hotel room. I was very excited to stay on his boat as it had everything from a private bathroom /shower and full kitchenette so basically I was all set.

 I had my “dirty bag” with me in my car and decided to get nasty on his boat while he was at work. I had on a sexy lingerie outfit and some hot white fuck me hard heels. I brought a glass toy with me to get my pussy out because I knew it was going to be alot of fun. I fucked myself out on his deck and had a hot orgasm…. I kinda chuckle now everytime I see him which is only once a year…but when I see him on his boat I can only laugh as he does not know that I took all kinds of sexual photos and had sex all over his boat while he was gone. (ooops)

enjoy this set…

Luv Lori Anderson

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sweet outdoors with Lori Anderson?

Tuesday, May 15th, 2007

I love showing off outdoors and this is a location that nobody should wonder upon as it was a vacant builing in “Islas Mujeres” Mexico….I had a good time sitting around in this vacant broken down old hotel.

The old walls were actually pretty colorful so I had fun taking off my bikini and posing in the nude. If you like to be naked outdoors with having the risk of getting caught then you will love my website. (hahaha) I love to show off and Im not scared of having people watch while I do so. * wink *


Luv Lori xoxo

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