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“5 To 15%” Of Internet Is Porn

Friday, February 10th, 2017

That little?

I’d personally say the 30% mark that they mention in this article but dismiss as being ‘inaccurate’ is actually far closer to the mark.

Of course, quite how they measure this is completely impossible to tell and surely completely flawed in its methodology. Even so, it’s nice to have a figure to work with when we’re trying to figure out how much porn there actually is on the internet.

Well, you know, sometimes I have nothing to do during my lunch break….

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#WomensMarch Causes Drop In Porn Traffic

Thursday, January 26th, 2017

Pornhub has revealed that they had an 8% drop in visitor numbers during the #WomensMarch protests at the weekend, according to TheNextWeb.

I wouldn’t have though that anyone would mind that drop in traffic too much. I mean, we all love some porn, don’t we? That’s why we’re here after all.

But I rather think that the way things are in America, and the world as a whole, are more important than watching porn for a few hours. So I would suspect Pornhub don’t mind taking the hit.

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“Kids As Young As 5″ Being Exposed To Porn

Saturday, October 29th, 2016

It infuriates me when I read this kind of thing.

Look. I’m not denying for one moment that there may well be 5 year olds out there, somewhere, who have seen porn – either accidentally or otherwise. I accept that.

But how is this the fault of porn? That is the fault of the parents who are allowing their kids to see it. Or schools that are allowing other children to show it to them.

As a father, if any of my children had seen porn at that age (and it’s more likely to happen to me even though I only work when they’re schooling or during evenings when they are sleeping, and they have no access to my laptop), then that is 100% my fault. It is not even slightly the fault of the porn industry.

If you leave a bottle of whiskey in the kitchen and your child finds it, has a swig and ends up drunk, then that’s not Jack Daniels’ fault. It’s yours.

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Pornhub Reports Rise In ‘Pizza Porn’ Searches

Friday, October 28th, 2016


One of the first websites I reviewed when I became a porn reviewer was Big Sausage Pizza. It’s the kind of site you don’t forget anyway, but even more eye-opening when it’s one of the first you look at! It can’t be a coincidence that I’ve barely had a pizza in the last 10 years though.

But new stats¬†published by Pornhub reveal that their site has seen a significant increase in the amount of searches for ‘pizza porn’ in the last year or so.

Interestingly, it’s been suggested that pizza ads on the site have driven the searches, which raises some interesting discussions about the additional ways advertising can aid a site outside of the monetary concerns.

My biggest concern though is that people are using tube sites without an ad blocker and there are therefore a LOT of people seeing these ads. Guys…. you’re insane.

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