Me and my bike – Elly Jaine

Watch this fresh hot pic featuring me and my bike! It was raining outside today and I hated it, because just today I was planning to do an outside photo shoot on a very sexy spot. Then I saw my motorcycle in the garage and I got an idea… 🙂
I got very horny while sitting on the bike and feeling my hot pussy on the cold bike. I was imagining how it would be to make love right there on the bike and I got hotter and hotter…
I’m definitely going to try sex on it some time and promise to make a movie of it!! I just love to experience new things and sexing on a motorcyle will probably make my adrenaline level grow as much as my orgasm…
Kisses from BikerChick Elly Jaine.

Biker chick

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4 Responses to “Me and my bike – Elly Jaine”

  1. siemie Says:

    Oh my god you are so beautifull, i love bikes and hot chicks. Very hot elly!

  2. R.Michaels Says:

    You look sexy and hot

  3. birdyman Says:

    You are lovely Elly

  4. Elly Says:

    I am looking to shoot soon one more hot set with one of my bikes airbrushed. I have a custom bodyshop and i have my team who make airbrush cars and bikes.;)
    Kisses,Elly Jaine.

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