Exclusive interview with Jana Cova

Jana Cova interview So when was your first actual porn shoot?
-it was 6 year ago,when I stated doing G/G videos.It was for Blue Ray production and movie was calle Blue Jeans Blonds,I worked with a girl name Natasha and because it was my first scene ever I didn’t know what to do even I knew I liked girls.So she did almost all the work, poor girls.

How was that? Did it feel weird or really good?
-first it felt pretty weird to have sex with a girl in front of all the people,but I got use to it after while and than I loved it.

What made you decide to do porn?
-First when I came to LA, I was doing only solo stills and videos. But I wanted to try something different so I decided to do G/G scenes.I wasnt sure if I will like it or not.But my first experience was so good that I kept doing it till this day.And also I knew that if I will start do something more I will have more work and will be able to stay in this bussines for more than just one year or so.

What’s your favorite scene?
-I say that in every single interwiev,and will say that again.My favorite scene is with Jesse Jane for my movie called Hot Rod for Sinners.It was our first time to work together,and we both were so excited.I just had to drink one redbull and two koffes to be sure that I have as much energy as Jesse?)) It was a great scene,we were dressed in a tight jeans,red bikini tops and high hills.And Jesse fucked me like no other girl before,she was rough,and I like that.Most girls when they see me they think I am glass doll,but Jesse just wanted to fuck the hell out of me.And the scene turned to be really good.

How did you choose your name within the industry?
-Well Jana is my reall name.And when I started doing videos with girls,one producer asked me what name I want to use for theyr production,I sad “I don’t know” and he picked this name Cova,and I kept it,because I liked it.

Did or do you have a role model?
-no I dont

How did your family and friends take it when you desided to go into the porn industry?
-They all know about it now. But I was tring to hide it for few years,because I didn’t know how my parents would react. But now everyone knows and no one has a problem with it. Of course my parents don’t talk about it with me, but they can see how successful I am, so they don’t mind.

Of course we want to know some personal information, what’s your favorite movie?
-Dirty Dancing

Favorite food?

Favorite site? (And you don’t HAVE to say ours of course )
-Freeones of course

Are you close with your fans? And what do you do for them?
– I am very close to my fans. I keep in touch with them through myspace, yahoo group and I always respond to their messages or emails. I chat live with them on my website as well and doing live webcam shows for them every other weekend. I don’t do lot of conventions, the only one I do is AVN in Vegas, and I love to meet with my fans and take pics with them and talk with them.Its always fun.

Do you remember your first kiss? And how do you remember that?
-I gave my first kiss to a guy in kindergarten, he was 5 and I was 5 too of course. But I shared this guy with my friend Eva. So he was the hero at our kindergarten because he had two girls. I don’t know why I just remembered this. But I don’t remember when I had a real first kiss.

What did you do before you started to work in the porn industry?
– I was at hight school and than language school, After I was done with schools I started working in adult industry.

What do you do when you come home from work?
-I always take a bath or shower, have a glass of white wine and watch a movie. Or I just go out and hang out with friends.

Do you have an active personal sex life? And does your work effect this?
-I have a active sex life. There was a period of time when I was shooting so many movies,that when I came home I didn feel like having sex with my man. So of course it caused problems,but thank God it didn’t take that long for me to get my sex drive back again.

Is the sex with your boyfriend different then when shooting for a movie?
-I don’t work with guys only with girls. So yes, the sex with my man is definitely different.

You have a favorite position or something you think someone really has to try?
-I love doggy style, because I can feel it deep and hard.And because I love rough sex so this positions it the best for rough sex, pulling hair and spanking ass.

What is your limit with making porn?
-I work only with girls, that is my limit.

Did you ever do something you now wish you didn’t do?
-When I started working in Europe,I worked for few non professional people,thanks to the shity agency I was working for. So I wish I would never work with this agency and with those non professional people.

Would you prefer lesbian or heterosexual sex?
-I am bisexual.But if I would have to choose only one,I would pick heterosexual.I need dick.

Is there someone you really enjoy working with?
-I love to work with Jesse Jane,Teagan Presly and now my new favorite is Shay Jordan. She loves girls a lot, so its easy to work with her.

What’s been your worst experience on the set?
-Probably the one when the producer forget to tell me that the girl I worked with can squirt like crazy. I was down on her,fucking her with a toy and she started squirting right in to my face. It was the first time I saw something like this and I was like “what the fuck is this.”

And the weirdest or funniest thing you experienced?
-I always wanted to have sex on the beach,not anymore. Because when we went to Bora Bora to shoot Island Fever 4, we had to have sex on the beach all the time.And while me and Jesse were trying to fuck each other and look sexy at the same time,we both had the sand everywhere.Between our teeth, on our pussy and salt water everywhere as well,and you know it doesn’t taste really good. So it was pretty funny. Its not easy to have sex on the beach.

And if there’s anyone you can choose to make a movie with, who would it be?
-I would choose all hot girls from this industry,and there is lot of them so I can not pick just one name.

Do you have any tips or advice to people who want to work in the industry?
-Find a good agent, who won’t push you to do things you don’t want to do.And set your limits and do only things that you are comfortable to do.

You have a new movie coming out we can all wait for?
-I have bunch of new movies coming out. All of them were shot for Digital Playground of course. Body Milk, Nasty Video, Jana Scream, Jana Lust and few more.

And the last question; We all want to know how you see yourself in the future. Any plans?
-I wold like to stay in this industry for two more years,finish my contract with Digital Playground. For sure I want to keep my website and keep shooting exclusive content for clubjanacova.com. Have a family and make as much money as I can and open my own restaurant. This is my plan for my future.

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  1. Ross Says:

    From Venezuela, just beautiful… keep going, so close.

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    Shes the reason Im Bi Luv you Jana xoxox

  4. nico van brabandt Says:

    hi jana i’m a chef-cook so if you need a good chef for your restaurant let me know ok?nicovanbrabandt@telenet.be or nicofcbruges@hotmail.com is my msn adress xxxx nico

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    Im bi she is the only one i fantasize to sleep with except my bf.

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    The most beautiful girl on the whole Universe. You are beyond my dreams!!!

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    im glad she’s not a esbian

  8. valis77 Says:

    im glad she’s not a lesbian

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