Exclusive interview with Katja Kassin

Katja Kassin interview So when was your first actual porn shoot?
It was back in Germany in May 2002 and I did it because I was planning on going to America to shoot porn. It was like a trial if I’d like it or not.

How was that? Did it feel weird or really good?
It was not a big problem for me since I did modeling work prior to that. I had been modeling for websites for 3 years when I shot my first scene. I mainly worked on solo photo shoots and softcore projects before I started doing b/g movies.

What made you decide to do porn?
The good pay and the chance of me having a career. I wanted to get out of where I was at that point in my life. I just wanted to do something with my life and not be stuck in the same small town in Germany.

What’s your favorite scene?
I don’t watch my movies and I’ve done so many of them I really lost track. But my fans usually like “Crack Addicts” or “Ass Worship 6”

How did you choose your name within the industry?
I picked up the name “Katja” at my first amateur photo shoot in 2000. The photographer suggested it. I didn’t even know that most models worked with a stage name. I added my last name later, I think in 2002 – I got the idea out of the phone book.

Did or do you have a role model?
I always liked Silvia Saint. She was my favorite model/ porn star before I became an actress myself.

How did your family and friends take it when you decided to go into the porn industry?
I didn’t ask them for their opinion, I just informed them about it. I would have done it, no matter what their reaction might have been. I was old enough to make my own decisions and I live my life the way I want.
At the beginning my mom was really freaked out about it. But now she understands that it’s a real career and I go about it in a professional way. My family respects me for being independent and successful.

Of course we want to know some personal information, what’s your favorite movie?
I like “Aimee & Jaguar”, “The Edukators” (“Die fetten Jahre sind vorbei”) and as far as American movies go “Memento”, “Butterfly Effect”

Favorite food?
Sushi, Haage Dasz Ice Cream (caramel cone)

Favorite site? (And you don’t HAVE to say ours of course)
Myspace.com, AdultDVDTalk.com and Suze.net but I do surf on Freeones a lot and I look up models. When I receive my information for a shoot and they tell me a girl’s name I’m supposed to work with I go to Freeones.com and look her up.

Are you close with your fans? And what do you do for them?
I do write on a couple of online boards, I personally answer emails and I write a blog on myspace. I get involved whenever I can.

Do you remember your first kiss? And how do you remember that?
Yeah, it was when I was on a school trip at age 14 and it was horrible. I didn’t even like the guy – he just pushed it onto me.

What did you do before you started to work in the porn industry?
I was going to college and I worked as a waitress.

What do you do when you come home from work?
Watch TV (CSI Miami or reality series), hang out with my boyfriend Adam, go to the gym or go to the movies.

Do you have an active personal sex life? And does your work effect this?
Yes work does effect my personal sex life. I don’t have very much sex at home since I’m so busy performing.

Is the sex with your boyfriend different then when shooting for a movie?
Of course because I’m in love with him.

You have a favorite position or something you think someone really has to try?
Well I really think reverse cowgirl anal looks the best on camera but I’m not that crazy at home. I like cowgirl personally of missionary.

What is your limit with making porn?
I’m very experimental and open for may different things. I like to perform in fetish/bondage movies as much as I like to perform in features. Since the HIV outbreak in 2004 I don’t film creampie scenes anymore. I guess that’s somewhat of a limit for me.

Did you ever do something you now wish you didn’t do?
Yes, I wish I’d always have the guts to say “Kiss my ass”. There are situations when I really felt like walking off set but I’ve been too professional to do it.

Would you prefer lesbian or heterosexual sex?
Heterosexual. I like to perform with girls on camera but I’ve never had a lesbian encounter in my personal life. The fun about performing for me is more showing off, like “look how I touch her tits” and whatnot but I’m not bi-sexual.

Is there someone you really enjoy working with?
Jada Fire

What’s been your worst experience on the set?
When I had to pose outside in January and I was yelled at by the photographer for looking not too happy.

And the weirdest or funniest thing you experienced?
Working in porn is always kind of weird. There is northing normal about it, believe me. If you’d put a civilian on set and the gad to listen to the kind of conversations that are going on, they would be both shocked and amused.

And if there’s anyone you can choose to make a movie with, who would it be?
I would really love to work for Suze or Holly Randall and I would like to perform with Stormy Daniels.

Do you have any tips or advice to people who want to work in the industry?
They should know that their family and friends will always find out about it and they should tell them before a friendly neighbor drops one of their movies into grandma’s mail box

You have a new movie coming out we can all wait for?
My first movie that I directed for Kylie Ireland’s company “SlutWerkz” comes out in September. It’s called “To the hilt” and has Sandra Romain, Jayna Oso, Ashley Blue, Sophie Dee and myself.

And the last question; We all want to know how you see yourself in the future. Any plans?
I’m just launching my feature dance career. I’m really excited about that and I’m re-designing my official website ClubKatja.com. I will have several weekly updates with exclusive content. That’s what I’m working on mainly right now.

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