Clara G review (Rated 7.8)

Clara GI have to be honest and I never heard anything about a girl called Clara-G before, or maybe I did, well whatever, by checking out the tour of her website I can see that she is into extreme sex and that she has some nice big tits oh and I forgot to say that she is also blonde but that was a minor detail probably! And she also has a very tight body! So if you are ready to take the load of this girl then keep on reading!

The most interesting thing about is that the content that is inside the members area is all exclusive and this should make you happy with the price you paid, since it means that you are not going to find this stuff elsewhere guys – and on a side note, this site is all new. Anyway, the login for entering the members area is located at the very bottom of the page and in a few moments I stepped inside.

The design of her members are pretty much reminds you of the tour and you can sense that she is really into extreme stuff, so be careful. At the top of the page you have the main links which are: Home, My Shit (hmm hope it’s not real shit), DVDs, Search and Support – then from the top you will find her Latest Update, Coming Soon Videos, Previous Updates, Latest News, Top 5 Movies, Other Updates and I can see that she really likes going naughty with her sexy girl friends. Ok I started with “her shit” and that section opens up a page with her bio, and that’s about it, I was thinking to find photos and videos there…ok next.

I checked out her most recent update and the photo gallery looks good, the photos are a bit too much retouched in my opinion and the images open up in a new window which is a little bit annoying to be honest and I see that she really loves high heels in the end. If you are looking for the .zip download option, then you have to check the bottom right of the page where you have the link in question; the thumbnails are nice and clean and you also have a rating system eventually.

Speaking about the Movies, they are available in HD quality, 1280×720 pixels which is great or you have a 640×368 high quality wmv and then you have also the smaller clips eventually, each one has one screen shot which previews the video itself and you can stay sure that…they are pretty much extreme like I have said above. Other than her main videos you have also her girlfriends’ clips and some of those are really cute, like this blonde chick named Gina, altho I am not a blonde guy, she was hot.

Members area screenshots
Clara G members area preview Clara G members area preview Clara G members area preview

Conclusion about Clara G
The material that you are going to find inside Clara G‘s site is good and its quality is high as well though I want to give you a suggestion, make sure to have a connection which is fast enough since the HD videos are huge, like 1.2 Gb in size…on the other hand they are perfect and in full size. A nice site for a nice hot blonde that likes extreme sex, what else you might want today?

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