Old N Young review (Rated 7.0)

Old N YoungOld N Young is a hardcore site where dirty, horny old men somehow manage to get their grubby hands on some fresh-faced barely legal teens! These girls keep getting themselves into situations where only fucking and sucking the wrinkled old cocks of these perverts will get them out of trouble! This hardcore site features all exclusively shot action, brand new amateur girls, and access to nearly a dozen other sites as well.

OldNYoung was a little stingy when it came to any previews samples on its tour as there is only one constantly repeating and streaming video there. But as a preview and introduction to what you will find in the members’ area, it was actually really good. You get a really big list of a lot of the site’s episodes and info about all the bonus sites you get as well.

The site is currently adding new episodes usually every week, building on the 80 episodes they currently have on offer. All of these contain streamed and downloadable videos as well as photo galleries. The navigation was pretty simple. All episodes are dated and you can browse them in date order or by their popularity off the back of user ratings. The layout was okay and the extra content was easily accessed as well.

All of the image galleries on this site can be downloaded through a .ZIP file download. All images are available in one size only, and this is usually pretty much the same throughout all the galleries – around 853x1280px. On the video front, the streamed versions play in an in-browser format at what seemed to be 480x360px. The downloadable versions were available in low, medium and high resolutions in .WMV files, with the high resolution versions playing at 1280x720px on the most recent videos.

I think this type of site can be quite comforting for any guys out there who might be getting a little bit older and wondering if they can still get hot girls when they’re old. If these guys can do it, surely you can as well! OldNYoung.com is a site that pits flabby old men and their ageing cocks up against young and beautiful girls. What is amazing about these girls though is that they really seem to enjoy themselves here. Either that or they are far too good at acting to be on a porn site!

The action here is really good and the different scenes are well set up. You get the usual stuff – teacher fucking student and so on – but it’s pretty fun. Even though these guys are advanced in age as well, it doesn’t stop them from keeping up with the girls pretty well! All the content is exclusive as well, and it helps that there are so many good bonus sites.

Members area screenshots
Old N Young members area preview Old N Young members area preview Old N Young members area preview

Conclusion about Old N Young
Old N Young.com is a site that offers hope for dirty old men everywhere! I really enjoyed this site. I didn’t particularly enjoy looking at flabby old dudes but I did enjoy the girls and the action was always pretty good. There were some good moments of humour as well to make things even more enjoyable and there were a lot of bonus sites that contain new amateur girls as well. Good site and I would recommend it too.

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