Why should YOU sign-up for MyFreeOnes if you haven’t already?!

So, why should you? Well, that’s a pretty easy question to answer!

  • It’s 100% FREE
  • Save a list of favorite babes
  • Receive notices when your favorites get a new link
  • Bookmark favorite links
  • Cash in on exclusive offers

And best of all?! You can earn MyFreeOnes points to buy full photo galleries, FreeOnes swag, and various other things that we put up for sale from time to time! Oh yes, and you can use your MyFreeOnes points to bid on the upcoming auction, exclusive for MyFreeOnes members, this fall!

So, how do you earn points you ask? Pretty much for using MyFreeOnes!

  • 50pts for activating your account
  • 1pt each day you log in
  • 100pt for saving at least 10 favorites
  • 5pt for each reported link that FreeOnes staff deleted
  • 1pt for each approved Biography change you make

In addition, if you sync your MyFreeOnes account to your Message Board Account, you can earn even more points!

  • 500pts for the first 100 posts made
  • 25pt for each additional 100 posts
  • Points for earning positive reputation
  • Participating in board contests

So, hurry up and get your MyFreeOnes account! It’s well worth it!

Go to MyFreeOnes Now

Watch Video on Syncing Accounts

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