Sabrina Deep Strenghtens the Relationship With Her Fans Releasing Her Phone Number

sabdeepSabrina Deep, fan favorite adult star known for privileging the general public over professional actors in her performances, raises the bar of reality porn releasing her phone number to the public.

Though Deep won’t stop performing with professional actors, this move clearly opens new scenarios in the whole adult industry and their raising attention towards giving the fans a more active role in their favorite models career.

“This was planned since the beginning of my career, but first i had to fight the common and yet wrong idea that making the fans part of the action labels you as an amateur,” Deep said. “Now that many performers and producers are slowly understanding that the future of a content-inflated industry resides in giving the general public more options to interact with their favorite stars i have decided to raise the bar and to treat my fans as i would treat my friends: i have always answered every email and every message personally and i have met thousands of fans whom i have performed with,” Deep continues. “but there is not a stronger way to show your dedication for the fans than giving them your personal phone number.”

Deep’s private phone number is available to all her website members at where her fans can also find an up to date schedule of all her incoming trips around the world. Her phone number is not a premium number, but just a regular landline number which can be called at standard rates and which forwards the call to Sabrina allowing her to answer also when she is in a different location.

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