My 2nd Ever Camshow Tonight!

Hey yall! I am having my very 2nd camshow on my site tonight at 10Pm only at . It is part of a network so you get to watch 20+ hot models when you join my site, not to mention all the other goodies I have in store for you inside that exclusive to only my site! I am starting to get the hang of this modeling online world and it is way fun! I am definiately meeting so many awesome people, and there is nothing better than taking one on one with fans! The best place to chat with me is on my twitter account, which is @StacyShey ….if you haven’t already, add me! I am always on there since I can access it via my phone when I am not in front of my computer!

So anyway, I hope you guys have been voting for myself and your favorite models for the Miss Freeones 2010 contest, it’s going to be fun to see who wins it and I hope that Freeones has many more exciting contests and giveaways for the models and fans in the future, I think this was a brilliant idea! I also can’t wait to see the fan that gets to go to LA to party with their friend, that’s definiately going to be one heck of a lifetime experience!

Since I like to offer a variety of content on my site, before and after shows I play with the webcam lots and get lots of fun webcam shots that I then post of my site in addition to the high definition stuff we are some samples.

P.S. Facebook deleted my account 🙁 I heard they did this to a few models, including our very own Petra, so not cool of them. I e-mailed them before creating a new one, I wanted to keep the old one, so if I don’t get a response shortly I will be making an new one. Ok, enough chit chat, check out my site, tonight’s camshow and add me to twitter!!

On to the goodies!

Hey yall I wanted to let you all know I have a camshow to day for members of my site at 10PM Est (9 Central), I hope to see you there!! It will be an awesome fun and freak time!

Check out some pics I just posted on my site messing around with the cam!

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