I love weekends!

I went out last night to a party and had some pretty lame guys hitting on me, so I headed home really early, so I am up super early this beautiful Saturday morning! I shot all week for my site for the stuff my fans have told me they want to see, some of the pics and videos we did were cheerleader, nurse, and schoolgirl. We sometimes incorporate foot fetish stuff into some sets, but I want to do more leg/foot stuff, like panty hose, toe painting, latex, all that kind of stuff. I love catering to fetishes, because what’s better than to get my fans off with their biggest turn ons?

Right now I am working a little on my myspace. Do you have myspace? If you do, add me! Myspace.com/StacyShey. I am going to be adding more pictures and all kinds of fun stuff. My facebook deleted me the week, so that sucked, they deleted a bunch of pages of models, I guess they don’t like models or hot girls.

Anyway, I’ll be around,  you can follow me on twitter @stacyshey if you want to hear what I’m doing all day, I update that thing like crazy, I might be obsessed with it, so anyway, hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I’ll be on the freeones boards for a little now, make sure you add my as a friend!!

XO, Stacy

Oh yes, here are some pics that were updated on my site, also check out my new trailer!! StacyShey.com – it’s naughtier than ever!!

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