Fun with Janessa Brazil!

So I recently took a trip to Miami and got to meet the most beautiful model on the net right now! Janessa Brazil! She looks so beautiful online, but I was so shocked how great she looked in person! I was even more excited that we got to shoot together! She introduced me to the Hatachi (I know I’m surprised I had no idea what it was either till now), but she taught me to use it on video which is on my site now

Here are some pictures from a huge set we did with this magical wand! Oh yeh it also doubles as a massager for the back too lol!

Also if you noticed, I changed my look! I went from brunette to blonde and I just love it! We have changed my site to blonde and all of the upcoming content will be as well, I hope you like it, it sure if giving me lots more attention around town, so I hope you like it too. Some people say I look like Jessica Simpson sometimes in my new pics, which is flattering of course. I will definiately mix it up for the brunette lovers and have some sets of the old brunette up too! So check out all the fun stuff going on in my members area, I am now doing camshows every Tuesday night anytime from 6-10, so check the schedule. If you join my site you also get access to 20+ of the hottest models on the net for free!

Oh yes! one last thing I set up a wishlist in case anyone wants to spoil me! Here’s the link! My Amazon Wishlist!

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