Exclusive interview with Natalie Nice

It’s been about 3 years since the last interview, besides changing your name, what else is new or different?
Everything! Since we last talked, I launched my own site and network. I wanted to be in charge of every aspect of how I was presented and my interaction with my fans, so I run my own site 100% now. It is a lot of work and very challenging, but absolutely worth it! I’ve also begun to shoot with large companies and magazines. I was so excited to get my first magazine cover in September as the Hustler cover model and centerfold, with another cover and centerfold coming this summer. I was also Miss HowardTV 2010 and got to go to New York and be on the Howard Stern show in December. It has all been so exciting!

Why did you change your name from Naughty Natalie to Natalie Nice?
I changed my name to go with my new site and image. Naughty Natalie was my name when I started in the industry four years ago. When I relaunched my site I wanted it to fit my personality. I am a very friendly and down to earth girl next door type so I could think of nothing more fitting than Natalie Nice. I love the name change and every time I am shooting with a company they always comment on how well my name fits me.

In the last interview you said you wouldn’t erase the adult performing part of your life. Do you still feel that way or are there things from the past few years you’d rather erase?
I’ve come so far in my career the last few years, there is absolutely nothing I would take back. Being in the industry has been such an eye opening experience for me and I have learned so much about business and people in general. Everything I’ve learned in the industry will help me in any career I choose to pursue in the future.

Did you ever tell your family about your porn life? Or are they still in the dark?
Before I went on Howard Stern in December, I decided to tell my family. I would rather them hear it from me than anyone else. They have been very supportive and even though it is not the path they would choose for me, they understand that I take this seriously as my career and am safe and happy.

Have you started to realize your ambitions to start a solo girl network yet or are you still just working on your own site?
YES! This has been the most exciting change since my last interview. I am a self proclaimed nerd and love working behind the scenes on all of the sites. Currently I manage my site (NatalieNice.com), an affiliate network (HustleBunnyCash.com), a multi model site (HustleBunnies.com), and three independent solo sites (NikkiSweets.com, HollyMichaels.com, and Danni-Gee.com). I hope to continue to grow and add a few more names to that list! Being a model has definitely allowed me to have a different approach to running a network. I really want the models with solo sites to be as personal and involved with their fans and sites as possible. I’m so lucky to be working with such amazing girls that take their sites seriously and care about their members deeply.

Since your last interview in 2008, the economy got worse and people weren’t spending as much on porn. How did this affect you?
I think it has effected everyone in the industry. For me, the biggest change has been on web cam. When I started four years ago, being on webcam meant no showing anything for free – no nudity was ever allowed unless you were in a private show. Once the economy got worse, girls were willing to do more for free in an effort to try to entice guys to do private shows with me. Things got a little out of control in my opinion and girls were giving everything away for free. I do think things are starting to change for the better and girls are realizing that if they make their shows more exclusive guys will appreciate the one on one attention even more.

What do you think has changed in the adult industry in general over the past 3 years?
I think the adult industry has become a lot more mainstream in the last three years. When I started, the industry was so hush hush and taboo, and now it seems like there are a lot more cross over stars and the industry is being looked at by outsiders with a much more open minded attitude.

Do you ever plan on delving into the depths of hardcore?
No, I will never do hardcore. I totally support others decisions to do so, but it is not something I’m interested in doing. Most of my life is dedicated to my members and putting myself out there on the internet for everyone to see that I feel that it is important to keep some parts of my life private.

What’s a normal day like for you?
My day starts by waking up around 7:30 AM, grabbing the largest coffee I can find, and catching up on emails while I’m watching CNN (told you I’m a huge nerd!). The rest of my day is spent either camming, shooting for my website, or improving my site or any of the other sites in the network. There is always something to work on which doesn’t leave me a whole lot of free time, but I absolutely love it and feel so blessed that I’m able to stay busy!

Do you think sex has become more main stream in the past 3 years? Or at least a little less taboo in the United States?
I definitely believe sex has become more main stream in the last three years. I’m from the midwest where sex has always been a taboo issue and I can even tell a difference there in people’s attitudes toward sex. Popular cross over stars have definitely helped change the taboo nature of porn. Regular people can now recognize porn stars from their favorite television shows and movies.

Have you started any new hobbies in the past 3 years that don’t have anything to do with the adult business?
My life is pretty consumed by the industry, but I’m always looking to try new things to spice up my life. I’m very dedicated to working out now and spend a lot of time at the gym which is something I never did before.

What’s the one thing that you keep putting off until tomorrow?
I always put off making phone calls. I absolutely hate talking on the phone and will do anything in my power to avoid it. I believe everyone should text! Anytime I have phone calls to return I put them off.

Does it annoy you when men leave the toilet seat up?
Not at all. I’m really easy going and I try not to let the small stuff bother me.

What would you do if the internet suddenly ceased to exist?
Eeek! That would be a shock to wake up one day and the internet was gone! I do have back up plans for myself. I have my degree in political studies and always wanted to go to law school, so I would probably do that.

If I looked at your ipod or mp3 player right now, what kind of music would I find on it?
I’m so all over the place with my music choice! On cam, I always have my Pandora on Drake radio. His voice and his songs are so sexy it is perfect to cam to. When I’m not on cam, I usually have my Pandora on Frank Sinatra radio. I absolutely love his music and always have it playing all over my house.

Do you play any type of games? Board, video, etc?
I have never been into video games. I don’t even like having cable at home! I feel like video games and TV just keep people from experiencing life. I love board games though! I’m a Scrabble and Monopoly master. The only bad thing about board games is finding someone willing to play with you.

Chocolate or an orgasm?
Orgasm hands down!

Do you like camping and the great outdoors?
Yes I love camping! I don’t get a chance to go very often, but I absolutely love being in the outdoors. I take my puppies on long walks every day just to get out of the house.

If your best friend asked for advice about starting out in the porn industry, what would you tell her?
Before you start in the adult industry, you need to be prepared for everything that comes with that. My biggest concern with girls in the industry is the lack of having a back up plan or an after the industry plan. We can’t do this forever! The number one thing I tell girls is that they need to have an education before they get into the industry, or use the industry to pay for and get their education. Overall, I would say getting into the industry is the right move for girls that want to treat it like it’s their career – not a lifestyle. There are so many amazing benefits to being in the adult industry that if you are careful with all of the decisions you make it is absolutely worth it.

Any last thoughts?
Things are only getting better and better and I can’t wait to see what the future holds!

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