Exclusive Interview with Nadia Pariss

Nadia Pariss answers some questions about what it’s like for her working in the adult industry…

Why did you decide to start doing porn?
I LOVE SEX – so I fugured why not get paid to do it l0l

How did you break it to your parents that you got involved in adult entertainment? Do they know your stage name?
My mom is like my best friend so I just … told her! she supports me 150% would she mind if I didn’t do porn anymore? she’d probably love that but as long as I choose to do it shes there for me. and yes she knows my stage name and everything.

How did you choose your stage name? Is this your first stage name or have you had others?
First I was Nadia Nicole, then I found out there is a playboy model by that name so now I’m Nadia Pariss… what no one knew… untill now… Nadia is my real first name Pariss came from this crush I had on a gay singer Geofrey Paris but I was 14 at the time so I added two s’s and kept it that way ever since so ..now I’m Nadia Pariss.

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen while on the job?
hahaha the funniest thing? not sure about the funniest thing but the craziest thing to happen to me is when they put me with a guy that was new and he poped in my eye by mistake =/

If you find you’ll be paired with someone new, (that you haven’t met yet) Do you check their scenes out?
Yes always, I like to know who I’m working with… and I would advise someone to do the same with me… I’m a tiny girl I don’t wanna be shocked when I’m ready to fuck and the guy is gagging me.

Do you have any idols or role models within this industry?
Yes! Melonie Rios I love love love her shes sexy as hell and tiny so she makes me feel comfortable being small too.

What was the first porn you ever watched?
Honestly… and sadly… probably the Kim Kardashian one… or maybe the ones they use to bring on HBO late at night when I was like 11 l0l

Is there anyone that’s retired that you wish you could have worked with?
Jena Jameson shes sexy – other then her I don’t even know who else might be retired… maybe Tanner Mays.

What is the biggest/weirdest object you’ve inserted in yourself to date?
This wasn’t on CAM but I used one of those vibrating tooth brushes l0l a few months ago when I lost my rabbit.

Do you find dicks sexy, or just a tool to get the job done?
Just a tool – I personally like girls waaaaaaaaay more than I do guys.

How do you unwind after a day on set?
I always take a hot bath after, drink wine and watch a movie almost EVERYTIME.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Porn…l0l I say that because before I got into porn I was verrrry shy so porn would be the craziest thing I’ve ever done.

Do women really have orgasms fantasizing about shopping?
hahahaha what!? Thats weird… I love shopping but nothing to orgasm about.

Do you dream often? Is it color or black and white?
I actually don’t dream often but when I do its always in color.

Do you like the great outdoors?
Nope! Not an outside girl at all – never have been… I’m a little toooo girly.

Ninjas or pirates?

If you only got one more meal, what would it be?
hmm… anything Italian I’ll be set.

What’s the weirdest fact that you know?
ummmm…I honestly have nooooo idea or at least I can’t remember a weird fact I know l0l

Do you have any future ambitions?
Yes, I’m in college right now so besides doing porn I’m planning on having something to fall back on.

Is there anything else you’d like FreeOnes visitors to know about you?
Make sure you follow me on twitter at twitter.com/nadiapariss to know when Im coming out with anything new and to see pictures often 😉

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  1. Big Dick Bandit Says:

    Personally i think youre a poor pathetic excuse for a pornstar. I had a huge limp dick situation while watching yo shit. Take more loads to your face 😀

  2. Big Dick Bandit Says:


  3. tiger Says:

    Ignore the above moron. I think your great.

  4. JB Says:

    I am a 33 m from ny who does well with ladies however I watched you in The college rules thing you did and I have been in love ever since. I literally can’t control myself. I liked ur hair better back then but you are perfect in every other way possible.

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