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I have posted this on my tumblr and various other places but someone suggested I post it here too since a lot of people read these forums.

Here’s a link to the post: (and I’ll copy paste below)…te-info-repost

Website Info (repost)

I have not worked for or been associated with since September of 2011 when my webmaster stopped updating and never gave me a straight answer as to why. The last time I shot content for that website was Feb 2011. She got mad and stopped paying me for my work when I said I was opening my own site. Guys that were members of paid for weekly updates and were not getting them because of her. Now she is changing the dates on sets released last year to make it look like they were released this year?! So shady. If you join that site you are lining her lying ass pockets and I’m not seeing a cent of your money. You will never see an update because I’m not working with her anymore. It saddens me how shady some people in this industry can be. Lack of respect, underhandedness, and greed everywhere you look. I have even emailed her asking to purchase the domain but I think she is spiteful that I decided to produce my own site to better serve my fans, and ignores the emails. The only website that you can join and have weekly updates and actually pay me for my work is Please reblog and spread the word so guys don’t join the site she owns and get disappointed when they don’t get the promised weekly cam shows or any updates ever. Even more annoying is that I have been driven to write such a post.

I am putting this out there again because I recently received an email from a fella that bought a membership to that site and was disappointed that he’d been scammed, literally scammed. None of the “bonus links” worked and he was upset about being told there would be updates and weekly shows. In my opinion he should contact his credit card company and request a refund because he did not receive what he paid for!

THIS ( is my OFFICIAL site address. When I’ve finished populating the site I’ve had built for me it will open at this link and the tumblr blog will have its regular tumblr link. Until then, this is the only official site out there.

I could have been an ass and kept collecting $$ from a site that never updates but I cut ties with that. Talk about getting screwed for doing the right thing.

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