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  • Why is Jana so special?

    Postby Covalova » Sat Sep 06, 2014 6:40 pm

    It may appear a silly post on this Forum to ask this question (If you did not believe she is so special you would not have joined her website!).
    But i thought a list of why we find Jana worth following might be useful……
    1. She is the ultimate perfect blonde, a killer body, all natural perfect boobs, the cutest bum in the world, a delicious hidden pussy…need I say more?.
    2. She is just so horny and loves sex. Her orgasms are spectacular, “Oh my God!”,” Don’t stop!” both verbally and physically, her whole body shakes and quivers,
    and then she almost always kisses tenderly the person who has made her come, or her vibrator, or dildo, have you noticed?
    3. She is a complete exhibitionist, she loves being watched
    4. Although famous for her G/G scenes, in her private life she seems very faithful to one lucky man at a time5.
    5.She regularly allows us into her privacy by doing live shows.
    7 She shares her daily life with us in her diary.
    8. She only does what she wants to do ,rather than being too eager
    9. there is a naturalness about her, she often appears without make-up
    10. She can looks so different with make-up and a change of hairstyle.

    There are just ten of why i believe Jana is so very special, and worth following.
    I am sure there are many more that other readers wold like to add on this thread…. so come on



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