Exploring The World Of Erotic Hypnosis


An article on Vice today touches on the subject of erotic hypnosis, and it’s a subject that is still the subject of some suspicion within the porn industry.

In my time as a porn reviewer, I’ve only ever seen one website that deals with hypnosis. The name escapes me but it was along the same lines as the old Paul McKenna TV shows in that the guy in question allegedly hypnotised women into doing some sexual acts. Rather than making them bark like dogs or pretend they’re driving a bus or something.

It was….interesting. I suppose your view of it is skewed somewhat by what your opinion or belief of hypnosis is in the first place. It was a bit creepy though. That could have been its intention!

The hypnosis touched on by this article seems, in some ways, to be a lot more positive. I like the idea of the kinds of recordings that Isabelle Valentine (pictured above) has available as they seem to be aimed more at making people more sexually positive and confident.

In hunting for a more sex positive society, maybe this is an alternative route that could be explored further. It’s certainly more palatable than some dirty old man hypnotising a woman into masturbating for him….

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