The fifi Male Masturbator: A Tight Hole When You Need One

fifi   Sex Toy For Men

Sometimes—or maybe most times, if our experience is anything to go by—all a man really wants is a tight hole to screw. Guys don’t necessarily care if their sex toy was molded to look like a porn star’s pussy, mouth, or anus. They can imagine any hole they want while they’re masturbating, or they can just experience the feeling and not think about anything at all. Chances are good that they’re not looking at the toy anyway. When it’s just a good wanking session you want, what you use to get off doesn’t have to be anything more than a hole that feels good. It’s why some guys apparently fuck fruit or warm pies.

That’s one of the greatest things about the fifi male masturbator, because this hole can be exactly as tight as you want it to be. Like the homemade sex toys that inspired it, fifi is a toy that you roll up yourself, which means it’s adjustable. And when you want more pressure, you can just squeeze it and you can feel the difference, unlike other male sex toys that are hard plastic on the outside. The foam core also retains heat, and combined with your favorite lube it just feels great. Who needs high tech for that? Not a fifi owner.

The fifi disposable sleeves make it so that you’ll never have to wash out your sex toy again. You can just toss the sleeve, set the fifi aside, and be done with it until the next time you use it. For lazy guys, it couldn’t get any better.

Whoever thought that a male masturbator needs to have a lot of bells and whistles has never used a fifi. Don’t be like those guys. Click here to get your own fifi. (Currently not shipping outside of the US)

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