It’s time for me to Teach You a Lesson! New York, Boston, Miami, Dallas

OK people Autumn is upon us and that means I am on travel!  I will be in the cities listed below and will also be in other cities by special request.  Remember you can always check my Travel Schedule on my website:  I only get to most cities ONCE A YEAR at best so make plans to book NOW with Nina. Email Nina at:

Email Nina at and let her know what time works best for you

My first stop is New York.  Make sure you get in touch with Nina now!

Upcoming Tour Schedule

Dallas – September 27-29

New York City – October 9-13
Boston – October 13-14
Miami – October 17-19
Tampa/Orlando – October 21-22
Edison, NJ – November 3-6
Charleston, SC – November 14-22
DC – November/December TBA
Vegas – January 17-21
Los Angeles – January 22-26



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