FreeOnes Competition: Pascal’s Sub Sluts – RESULTS

Goddamn it, you missed it AGAIN?! Well I’m just wasting my time here, clearly.

But for those of you who do actually pay some attention to me, here’s the skinny on whether you won or not!


So, as a reminder of how it all went down (and how you can be ready for our next contest, coming soon!) here’s how it all went.

We asked you a few questions about Pascals Sub Sluts and you tried your best to answer said questions.

The questions were:

1. What is the average number of updates does PascalsSubSluts offer per a week?
2. Which model did we shoot with that was on the award-winning show, Games of Thrones?
3. Name the two models that were featured in a Cuckhold scene?
4. How much is the first 30 day subscription to PascalsSubSluts currently through our special discount link?
5. What is the name of the award that Pascal White won from 2016?
6. Name the specific body part where we prominently feature our black stamp of PascalsSubSluts on our models?

The answers we were looking for were:

  1. 7 or 8
  2. Samantha Bentley (we also accepted Jessica Jensen)
  3. Scarla Swallows and Roxy Mae (though some of you used the male performer’s name and we accepted that as well. Aren’t we nice?)
  4. 14.95
  5. Shafta Award
  6. Upper left-hand above breast (or variation thereof)

Don’t forget, everyone gets 25 myFreeOnes credits for playing, plus 25 more for posting your favourite pic in the contest thread!

Those of you who got those correct, went into a random drawing where official FreeOnes chimps got to pull names out of a hat.

The prizes were as follows:

1. Free 90 day membership.
2. Free 60 day membership.
3. Free 30 day membership.

So, without further adoodie, here are your lucky winners!

1st place: bigguy1
2nd place: peter61
3rd place: jumbo_jim

Congrats, guys! We’ll be touch regarding your passes! We’ll also be adding everyone’s credits for participation and bonus answers over the next day or two.

Didn’t win? Don’t try suicide, try this discount link! And stay tuned for our next contest!

Big thank you to Pascals Sub Sluts for sponsoring this contest!

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