FreeOnes Competition: Karups

Karups is a name that has been a part of online porn for almost as long as I’ve been online! And no, you may not know how long that has been.

We have a fantastic new competition with them to celebrate their 20th anniversary! Oh, now you know how long I’ve been online. Shit.

Anyway, here’s the competition, which you can find out more about right here.


Its the 20th anniversary for the world famous Karups site and they just did a relaunch with a spiffy new look, upgrades, and full access to the entire Karups network!

They have fancy 4K Ultra HD video, unlimited access to all 3 sites, and a beautiful line up of models just waiting for you inside! To celebrate, we’ve teamed up for a contest so if you’re interested in scoring some free porn and some gear, read on, my dudes.

Attention! Read the Rules BEFORE answering the questions below! ONLY send answers to FreeOnes_Contests!!

How To Play 

  • Answer the questions below! Put on your thinking and fapping hat, we’re going in!
  • Send your answers to FreeOnes_ContestsDO NOT POST THEM IN THIS THREAD!
  • Everyone that gets them correct gets entered into a drawing. There will be 3 extra lucky wieners winners!
  • Everyone who participates will get 25 myFreeOnes credits, win or lose! Because we love you.
  • Answers can be found on Karups so make sure you poke around for them!
  • Users must have at least 5 posts to participate so new members with less than 5 posts, so get out there and post, newbies!

The Questions 

  • What does KarupsHA stand for?
  • How many videos are in the Karups Private Collection?
  • What team uniform is model “Bridget” wearing in her October 24th release?
  • How much is a 30 day membership to Karups with our special discount?
  • Post at least one image that you think is hot from Karups in this thread!

Bonus: For 25 addition free credits win or lose… what model stars in the scene called “The Handy Man?”

The Prizes 

1st place: Free 3 month membership to Karups, a Karups shirt, a Karups hat and a pair of panties!
2nd place: Free 2 month membership Karups, a Karups shirt and a Karups hat!
3rd place: Free 1 month membership to Karups and a Karups hat!

Contest begins NOW and ends Sunday November 12th, midnight Pacific time!

Have fun and good luck! And don’t forget, do not put the answers in this thread, except for the photo posting one!

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