FreeOnes Nominated For Best Fan Site At XBiz Awards

As you may or may not know by now, your very own FreeOnes has been nominated in the Fan Site of the Year award for the XBiz Awards 2018.

We would like to think we deserve it. I mean, we may give the impression that we mostly just sit around looking at porn, scratching our butts and general not doing any work. But that’s just me.

Everyone else at FreeOnes works really hard to make this the site that you guys all love – but you guys are even more important, because your contributions and patronage has made us the long-running success that we are.

So why not pop along here and cast your vote.┬áBecause it will be a vote for you as much as it would be for us. And definitely more than it would be for me! Now where did I put that Snickers….

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