August Ames’ Brother Blames Cyberbullying For Sister’s Death

Photo courtesy of Karup’s Hometown Amateurs

The brother of August Ames has blamed cyberbullying for the death of his sister, as revealed in The Independent.

Although no official cause has been released regarding her death as yet, her brother James has blamed abuse she received following comments she made about crossover performers on her Twitter feed.

Her comments provoked a fierce debate about those who crossover from gay porn, and although many from inside and outside the industry agreed with and defended her remarks, there were numerous vocal opponents with many now deleted comments from numerous people accusing Ames of homophobia.

It’s a shame that such a tragic event has led to a debate about this subject, a debate that I believe needs to be had, whatever your opinion on the subject may be.

But I still believe the probability that a much loved young woman has taken her life as a result of voicing her opinion on how she polices her own body is of much greater importance here, and one we should be talking about with even more ferocity.

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