Bree Mills On Her Business Model “Without Men”


Photo of Bree Mills and Sara Luvv courtesy of Megan S / Forbes

Well worth a read this week, and adding to the ever-growing stack of excellent articles about adult entertainment by Forbes, is this piece by Susannah Breslin about Gamma Entertainment and the business model that its head, Bree Mills, has created for it.

There’s a lot here that’s of great interest but what especially interested me is that it is seeking a different approach to lesbian porn. They’re not just trying to create lesbian porn that is aimed more at lesbians, but has an overall different feel to it while still being appealing to the traditional straight male audience.

Certainly it’s a genre that is an odd one, in a way. It’s one that the vast majority of female performers participate in at some point, but the focus on greater authenticity and a more relaxed atmosphere is one that is both necessary and welcomed.

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