FreeOnes Competition: Vivid Contest Winners Announced

Are you about to receive a special pre-Christmas surprise? That’s if you entered our Vivid competition at all!

Find out below!


To refresh your memory, we asked you a few questions and the answers were all found on the Vivid website. If you got the answers correct, your name was put into a random drawing. There were 3 lucky winners. Everyone gets 25 myFreeOnes credits for participating.

The questions we asked were:

  • How many celebrity sex tapes can be found at Vivid?
  • True or False – Sasha Grey and Stella Cox can be found on Vivid.
  • Fill in the blanks – Horny teens _______ and _______ take a sensual bath. (Hint: Check the small tits category!)
  • How much is a 1 month membership with our special link?
  • How many Vivid Sites are there?

And for an optional bonus for 25 extra credits we asked you to post your favourite photo off the Vivid website in the contest thread.

The prizes were:

1st place: Free 1 month membership to Vivid !
2nd place: Free 1 week membership Vivid !
3rd place: Free 1 week membership to Vivid!

The answers we were looking for were:

1. 24 (we also accepted “over 20”)
2. False
3. Jenna J Ross and Alix Lynx
4. Depended on your country conversion, 14.97 US.
5. 11

And finally! Our winners were…….


1st: peter61
2nd: swilke
3rd: gamba5


Winners! Be patient and we will hit you up with your passes soon so keep an eye on your boxes!

Everyone else, don’t despair! We’ll be working on adding your credits for playing and you can still visit Vivid to bask in what could have been here!

Also, keep your eyes out for a new contest coming real soon so don’t stay away from the board for too long!

Until next time!

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