FreeOnes Number One: Babe of the Year 2017

Photo courtesy of Pinup Files

This is the third year that I’ve done this feature and if I’ve learned something from the previous two years, it’s that making a prediction about who was the most popular babe among FreeOnes users in the past year is very, very tough indeed!

I wouldn’t say it’s a surprise that Erica Campbell is on the top for 2017, despite the fact that she’s been retired for years! She’s almost always been around the top 10.

It’s more that I expected someone who had reached the number one spot more to have grabbed the accolade. It’s also why I’m surprised to see Christie Stevens and Nina North making up the rest of the top three.

But it’s one fine, fine top three! And although, due to her somewhat changed beliefs about the adult industry, she probably wouldn’t appreciate me saying this, congratulations to Erica! Praise Jesus!

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